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This assignment includes the analysis of community work in action. You may choose a project that you have personal involvement with, or a community development project with a web presence (i.e....

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This assignment includes the analysis of community work in action. You may choose a project that you have personal involvement with, or a community development project with a web presence (i.e. communities attending to local or global issues).

Please ensure you use a professional report format in this assessment.
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Executive Summary
Community development service is a kind of initiative, which is taken as to look after solving the issues faced by the citizens living at that vicinity and the people commuting over that place. The similar kind of community development was required in Oakland railway crossing which created problem for the local citizens as well as for the commuters crossing from that place. In this report, the detailed discussion was made with respect to the community development project that was initiated by the South Australian government and PTP Alliance with the collaboration from the local people in constructing the Oakland railroad crossing that provided solution to the problem faced by the people of that area.
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Answer 1
Transportation is one of the most important sources for people to move from one place to other. However, there are certain instances where the people face inconvenience with respect to the transportation system. To overcome the problems faced by the Oakland citizens of Australia the proposed project to construct a railroad crossing came up (Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure, 2020). The project was jointly funded by the Australian government, state government and the city of Marion. The project had created an aggregate of 160 jobs. The project was proposed to help the Oakland community people by reducing the ques during the morning and afternoon peak hours by up to 30 percent and reduction of further peak vehicle hours’ delay by around 28 percent.
The project had also eased the commuters by providing them a space of around 50 cars’ parking space. Further, the construction had also taken care of the environmental factor by planting around 200 new trees in the vicinity as to help the Oakland people. This project has a greater advantage with the community aspect because after completion of the project, which will remove the railroad crossing and will help the motorist to commute easily.
Further, the interchange of the train and bus will get smoother and this will even help the cyclist in commuting in a safer way. There are many people in the local vicinity that take the pedestrian route as to go from one place to another will also is benefitted by the avoidance of the traffic and there will be significant reduction in the accidents as well. This project do not have any kind of constraints because the success of this project can be judged by the reduction in the traffic congestion, providing ease to the commuters and increasing the safety of the commuters as well as the local people staying in that vicinity.
Answer 2
In any community development there need a pathway, through which the work related to the community must follow certain theories. Gilchrist (2019) has further added that there are three major concerns, which are related to the community development and this is the structure, power and the shared meaning of the community. There are certain principles of democracy that need to be followed are the betterment of the marginalised people, transparency, sustainability, honesty, self-reliance, partnership and many more. Following this will
ing the betterment to the society. Archibald et al. (2016) have discussed that theory of the community development is the practical framework for the social workers who are seeking in lasting change for the individuals and the communities and the societies where they stay.
There are different forms of the community theory. Ife (2017) have discussed about the empowerment theory, which is the part of the community theory. This refers to the experience gathered from the personal growth and the improvement of the capabilities and proficiency. This will enable a person to take initiative and move ahead to contribute for the development of the society. Christensen and Philips (2016) have further discussed about the ecological system theory. This theory is concerned with the environmental aspect and is concerned about the environmental protection i
espective of any kind of work that takes place in the society or community.
Mainzer and Luloff (2017) have further discussed about another theory, which is the communication theory. This is the process, through which the people exchange information. In the community development work, it is very crucial for the flow of information. That manner, in which the people will communicate, will help to understand any kind of problem is there in the community, which need to be addressed at a priority basis. This theory adapts not only to the social work and to communication, however it exists as a series of inte
elated studies. Thus, these are the prime theories, which are helpful with respect to the community development work.
Answer 3
In this world of the professional work everyone are expected to meet the ethical behaviour in their work and this requirement is often formalised through a code of ethics, which comes in practice. According to the Australian Community Workers Ethics and Practices (2020), the code of...

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