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This assignment creates an opportunity for students to focus on hotels of market significance as evidenced by inclusion in the gallery. Sunrise Kempinski Hotel...

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This assignment creates an opportunity for students to focus on hotels of market significance as evidenced by inclusion in the gallery.
Sunrise Kempinski Hotel beijing1.Overview of key design elements2. A location and detailed site appraisal including comments on why this might or might not be an ideal location for this style of property; including access, visibility etc. as per Assessment 1.3. Details of the target markets and how the property meets their needs.4.An overview of competitors within the market area with a competitor analysis table.
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Kempinski hotel
Sunrise kempinski hotel
Key designing elements
    Sunrise kempinski hotel is known for his amazing building design which has been prepared with a team of sixty designers across the globe. The compound of the building is set on the 513202 square feet ground. The height of the building is 97 meters with total 21 floors. The sunrise kempinski building top is made of the sky color and the middle portion of the building reflects the Yashan Mountains of china and the lower part reflects the Yanqi Lake. The hotel is filled with the 306 guest rooms and suits.
    The designer team of the building includes designers from Italy, UK, us, Spain, Philippines and Holland. The developers choose an international team to get a critical view of peoples outside china and prepare a modern contemporary architectural design. The exterior glass surface of the building is covered by the 10000 pieces of panels of glass (Overend, 2010). The building front view looks like a rising sun which represents the growing economy of china and the entrance shaped like a fish mouth which represents the prosperity. The side view of sunrise building looks like the scallop which symbolizes the fortune in the culture of china. The building overall em
aces the concept of traditional Chinese panes. The building roof is of free form like a cloud on sky. The whole image of the building is based on the theme of ‘the cloud lifting the sun’. In the ancient times, the people of the country used to stand in the front of sun. The organization believes that this reflects the core value of china.
    The construction of the building took 24 months and it is constructed with the help of 9300 construction workers. It was constructed with the reinforced concrete with the all glass exterior which provides the best bend to kempinski (Atwal & Williams, 2009). The building is earthquake resistant and can face up to level eight earthquakes. The company also focuses on the light pollution at the time of the construction of the company. The company runs several tests in order to ensure that the building will not contribute directly or indirectly in air...

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