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There is an attachment that you will need for this assignment. Please don't use .edu, .com, .org, .net websites. use academic or government websites only. use in-text citation and reference page....

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There is an attachment that you will need for this assignment. Please don't use .edu, .com, .org, .net websites. use academic or government websites only. use in-text citation and reference page.

Model Study

Part 1

For this discussion, you will identify a study that will be used as a model study throughout the course. It is permissible to use the study that you described in theWeek 1 Projectas long as it includes details regarding the below-mentioned topics. If your study doesn't describe these topics, then you will need to locate and identify another study. Your model study should include a description of the following topics:

  • Abstract
  • Background (description of the problem to be examined or evaluated)
  • Literature review
  • Methodology (explanation of how data was collected and analyzed)
  • Analysis and findings

Note: For this part of the discussion, you simply need to identify the chosen "model" study, with complete reference.

Part 2

Researchers usually encounter barriers as they conduct a study. Failure to recognize potential barriers can be costly and may even derail a project entirely if unexpected barriers cannot be overcome.

For this discussion, discuss the research question(s) that were composed in Week 1 Project.

On the basis of your discussion, respond to the following points:

  • Speculate on the barriers you might encounter as you seek to investigate your research questions.
  • Describe how you would design your study in order to minimize the impact of the barriers that you encounter.
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Running head: MODEL STUDY
MODEL STUDY        2
Name of the Student:
Name of the University:
Table of Contents
Part 1:    2
Abstract    2
Background    2
Literature Review    2
Methodology    2
Analysis and Findings    3
Part 2:    3
The research question    3
iers    3
Design to minimize the impact of ba
iers    3
References    4
Part 1:
The study focuses on the reduction of recidivism that plays a significant role in case of court program. The paper is used as the model study that helps to reduce the recidivism. In such a case, the psychological therapy plays the significant role that helps the prison inmates to modify their behaviour. This provides freedom to the prison inmates to choose their own lifestyle.
The peer-reviewed article by Kaiser and Holtfreter (2016) helped to present the combined model to customize the court program that includes the therapeutic jurisprudence and procedural justice. Thus, the recidivism can be reduced. On the other hand, U.S. Department of Justice (2017) stated that the behaviour of the prisoners needs to be changed to reduce the recidivism via the psychological therapy. Hence, the psychological therapy can be used to achieve the aim of the study.
Literature Review
The paper by Kaiser and Holtfreter (2016), focused on the specialized court programs that help to reduce the recidivism among the prison inmates. It helps to...

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