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MGNT910 Wollongong XXXXXXXXXXFinal Assessment T2 2 XXXXXXXXXXPage 1 of 9 School of Management, Operations and Marketing Faculty of Business MGNT 910 Strategic Management Wollongong Final Assessment...

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MGNT910 Wollongong XXXXXXXXXXFinal Assessment T2 2 XXXXXXXXXXPage 1 of 9

School of Management, Operations and Marketing
Faculty of Business
MGNT 910
Strategic Management

Final Assessment
Trimester 2, 2020

This is an alternate assessment for the final exam. To be eligible to pass this subject, you must achieve a
total mark of 50% or over, and obtain a minimum of 50% in this final assessment task.

Assessment submission due


Direction to students:
There are two parts in this final assessment. You need to answer all
the questions attached to both Part A: WeChat scenario (weight
10%) and Part B: Wil’s Grill case (weight 30%). Your typed
esponses should be prepared into a single word document, with a 12
font size (Times New Roman), double-spaced, margin 2.54 cm on
each side. You are allowed to make unlimited submissions to the
Turnitin submission link before the deadline of August 3, 2020
(11:59PM, Sydney time) to check the originality of your work.
You are required to prepare your answer to all the questions pertaining
to both Parts A and B into a single word document. You word document
needs to be submitted into the Turnitin link on Moodle under the Final
Assessment on or before 03 August, 2020, 11:59 PM [Sydney time].
MGNT910 Wollongong XXXXXXXXXXFinal Assessment T2 2 XXXXXXXXXXPage 2 of 9
PART A (10 marks)
Question 1: Read the scenario of WeChat below and answer the following question.
Critically examine the key strategies adopted for WeChat that led them to succeed in China.
As a CEO of WeChat, what strategies would you craft for the future to continue its growth
and success in the Chinese market? To justify your answer, use relevant concepts, and
theories learned in this subject.
(You may cite as many references as you deem appropriate to justify your answer. Word limit: 800 words
with a flexibility of 10% plus or minus either way. The total word-count excludes references, tables, charts,
and appendices.)
WeChat, a Chinese social media and messenger app similar to Whatsapp, allows users to chat, post
photos, shop online, and share information as well as music. It has continued to add new features, such as
WeChat Games and WePay, which allow users to send money electronically, much like Venmo. The
company now serves more than a billion active users, a testament to the success of its strategy. WeChat
has also had incredible success keeping out international rivals. Due to censorship and regulations in
China, Chinese social media companies have an inherent advantage over foreign competitors. However,
this is not why WeChat has become an indispensable part of Chinese life.
WeChat has been able to surpass international rivals because, by better understanding Chinese customer
needs, it can anticipate their desires. WeChat added features that allow users to check traffic cameras
during rush hour, purchase tickets to movies, and book doctor appointments all on the app. Booking
appointments with doctors is a feature that is wildly popular with the Chinese customer base due to common
scheduling difficulties. Essentially, WeChat created its own distribution network for sought after information
and goods in busy Chinese cities.
WeChat also has an understanding of local customs that international rivals can’t match. In order to promote
WePay, WeChat created a Chinese New Year lottery-like promotion in which users could win virtual “red
envelopes” on the app. Red envelopes of money are traditionally given on Chinese New Year as presents.
WePay was able to grow users from 30 to 100 million in the month following the promotion due to the
popularity of the New Year’s feature. Today, over 600 million WeChat users actively use WePay. WeChat
continues to allow users to send red envelopes and has continued New Year's promotions in subsequent
years with success. Even Chinese companies have been bested by WeChat. Rival founder of Alibaba, Jack
Ma, admitted the promotion put WeChat ahead of his company, saying it was a “pearl ha
our attack” on
his company. Chinese tech experts noted that the promotion was Ma’s nightmare because it pushed
WeChat to the forefront of Chinese person-to-person payments. WeChat’s strategy of continually
developing new features also keeps the competition at bay. As China’s “App for Everything,” it now
permeates all walks of life in China in a way that will likely continue to keep foreign competitors out.
Thompson Jnr., A.A., Peteraf, M.A., Gamble, J.E., Strickland III, A.J XXXXXXXXXXCrafting & Executive
Strategy: Concepts and Cases: The Quest for Competitive Advantage, (22nd Edition), McGraw Hill
Education, N.Y.
MGNT910 Wollongong XXXXXXXXXXFinal Assessment T2 2 XXXXXXXXXXPage 3 of 9
PART B: 30 marks
Question 2.
Suppose that Wil’s Grill has hired you as a strategic consultant. Wil’s Grill would like to make strategic
decisions of how they can survive and grow in the food service industry.
Write a report for the CEO of Wil’s Grill using information given in the case below and the results of your
analysis. After the title page and executive summary, organise your report under the following two headings:
a) Identification and Analysis of the key resources, capabilities, financial performance and
core competencies of Wil’s Grill. XXXXXXXXXX20 marks)
) Based on your analysis, develop justified and actionable recommendations as to whether
Wil’s Grill should compete in both the street food and catering segments or do something
else to realise its future growth and profitability. XXXXXXXXXX10 marks)
[Word limit: 1,200 words with a flexibility of 10% plus or minus either way. The total word-count excludes
your executive summary, title page, references, appendices, tables, charts if any. No formal introduction,
conclusion and table of contents are required to maintain the
evity of your report. You are required to use
elevant theories, concepts from the textbook, and other reliable references such as relevant journal
articles, industry reports to identify and analyse the key resources, capabilities, financial performance and
core competencies of Wil’s Grill to derive actionable recommendations. There is no expectation of how
many references to be cited. You may cite as many references as you deem appropriate to support your
Case study title: “Wil’s Grill”
In January 2017, John Christ needed to make some decisions about his business, Wil’s Grill. Not long ago,
his dad had said, “Son, passion has gotten you here; not the money.” Now, John needed to focus on “the
money”—but which path should he take? He could expand his “street food” business, add a catering
usiness, or do something else. John, who loved to make customers happy by serving them great healthy
local food, recognised that he also needed to do so profitably.
John grew up on a ranch in Cave Creek, AZ, a small community northeast of Phoenix Arizona. His parents
had food service and restaurant experience, and cooking and entertaining were an integral part of spending
time with them. “By age 10,” John recalled, “I could cook.” As a teenager, John bussed tables at a restaurant
where his dad Wil worked. He also spent many mornings with his dad at a clay-bird sport shooting range
near Cave Creek. When done, they needed to go elsewhere for lunch, since the range did not offer food or
everages. So, father and son worked out an agreement with the range owner to open a small food booth
on-site, which they named “Wil’s Grill.” On a single grill, they cooked burgers, fries, and served beverages.
Wil taught his son the nuts and bolts of running the business: obtaining necessary permits and licences,
ordering food and supplies, shopping, transportation, inventorying, cooking, cleaning and most importantly,
MGNT910 Wollongong XXXXXXXXXXFinal Assessment T2 2 XXXXXXXXXXPage 4 of 9
“treating customers as friends.” Hospitality-driven service was a core value. To cele
ate his high school
graduation in December 2009, John went on a 30-day backpacking excursion with the National Outdoor
Leadership School in Wyoming, where he later recalled, “I honed my leadership skills there and this would
serve me well in managing my future business.” In August 2010, Wil closed Wil’s Grill when John enrolled
at Northern Arizona University (NAU), in Flagstaff, about 120 miles north of Phoenix. At that time NAU
enrolled about 23,000 students. John majored in Environmental Studies and also took classes in other
areas, driven by “my
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Final Assessment:
MGNT910: Strategic Management
Trimester 2 2020
Name of the student:
Student Number:
Word Count:
Part a) Essay question on WeChat:
Part b) Case report on Wil’s Grill:
Submission date:
Answer to the question 1 (Part A):
WeChat has emerged as one of the most popular app in the Chinese market with the inclusion of the chinese citizens in using it for their professional and personal life. People are instrumental in relying heavily upon the app. This has led the company to thirve in the market for this long with the usage of effective marketing strategies. These are provided as follows:
Catering to the citizens:
The company has been instrumental in the development of the
and which is different from rest of the competitors. The company has focused primarily on producing quality content and services to attract the Chinese users. As opined by Zhou, Hentschel, and Kumar (2017) this has helped in increasing their visibility by producing the shareable content like enthralling Gif's or personalized content. Not only this it also helps the B2B in producing corporate contents. WeChat also helps in drifts from any kind of traffiic and helps the customers in booking movie tickets, book any appointment to doctors, so on and so forth.
Expansion of the Chains- WeChat believes the key to effective strategy is always dependent upon the actions that will help in strengthening the barganining position of the company in the face of large competitions. Therefore, the app developed Look Around which is a function developed for look for the strangers present around them who also makes usage of the function. Along with this the company had been instrumental in the development of Drift Bottle which involves a sender to throw a bottle in the sea and anybody anwhere belonging to a different part of the world will pick it up. As observed by Gan and Li (2018) this anonymity finds a shape when the receiver and the sender wants to stay connected. This has led WeChat in the development of the voice services based on location with the usage of geolocation technology.It is done to support the interactions socially and thereby carve a niche amongst the chinese people who are strangers amongst each other (Gan, 2017). This has led the company in getting more sales in the Chinese market with the upgradation of market features with better designing. It has helped in selection of wider products in the face of larger competition.
Development of the red envelope- The company has been instrumental in the development of red envelope which is embedded with cash that are given to the friends, family members as well as the employees during the Spring festival in China. The company has been functional in the development of the app with the linkage of the bank account of the users. This induces the distribution of the cash-filled concerning the red packages to the recipents. The company had successfuly strived in distributing over red packages ranging to 75 million. In this way the company had been reactive or what might be called emergent in the development of the strategy. Once they have realized the development of fly in relation to response concerning the unanticipated developments pertaining to the fresh conditions of the market in China. This has almost strived as a road map relating to the competitive advantage as there has been an outflow of 9412 packages concerning every 60 seconds in China.
Huge Competitiveness due to innovative approach- The company had been strived for long due to being competitive in the face of the larger competitions like Whatsapp which has established its roots at the global sphere. However, WeChat with its innovative approach has been able to protect its model while acquiring the stakeholders. Since it has a wider product line as compared to the rivals therefore it has been instrumental in strengthening the customer base in China. As opined by Gan (2018) The company has been instrumental in providing the vouchers to the customers that show how WeChat has distinguished itself from the customers...

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