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University of Saskatchewan • No direct quotations allowed. Paraphrased examples only (without in-text citations). • No Works Cited for submission • Create 1 MS Word document for the entire exam....

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University of Saskatchewan
• No direct quotations allowed. Paraphrased examples only (without in-text
• No Works Cited for submission
• Create 1 MS Word document for the entire exam. Double space your answers.
Part A:

Write a well-organized and fully developed essay on the topic below, providing specific
examples to support your assertions.
• First-person na
ation both limits and enhances the story being presented.
Discuss how first-person na
ation works in Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby
Part B:
Write a well-organized and fully developed essay on one (1) of the following topics, providing
specific examples from James’ The Turn of the Screw to support your assertions.
1. If the ghosts of Peter Quint and Miss Jessel reflect elements of the governess’
personality, what does each ghost represent?
2. Is the governess a reliable na
ator who tells her story accurately and believably about
seeing ghosts at Bly?
3. If we cannot accept that the governess is not a reliable storyteller, then how do we
account for the ghosts that the governess claims to see?
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Arunavo answered on Jul 17 2021
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Title: Essay on The Great Gatsby & The Turn of The Screw
Part A The Great Gatsby    3
Part B The Turn of the Screw    5
Part A The Great Gatsby
The Great Gatsby is one of the most famous novels written in the year 1925 by American author F. Scott Fitzgerald. The novel follows the characters living in the fictions towns of West Egg and East Egg on a prosperous Long Island in the summer of 1922. May of the literary critics have cited that The Great Gatsby is one of the greatest novels that have ever been written.
The novel was written in first person limited perspective what the character Nick has felt and the description based on his point of view. Thus in the entire novel Nick has used the word I and has described the events as those have been experienced by himself. In the novel the Nick has most of the time kept himself in the background and has described the entire events as an observer, however with exception to meeting with Gatsby, Daisy and Tom he represented himself in the present sense. In most of the times Nick has na
ated the point of view based on as he is inside the head of that character. For example when Gatsby tells Nick about his past life with Daisy, Nick described the entire event from Gatsby’s point of view such as “His heart beat faster as Daisy’s white face came up to his own. He knew the moment he kissed this girl.. his mind would never ever romp again as like the mind of god. So he waited..” These are the words that Nick felt the moment Gatsby described his experiences with Daisy.
In this novel the author has used the first person na
ation played by one of the character. However there is a question that arises that the na
ator’s reliability is questionable as the na
ator will
ing his/ her own biases to bear the situation. Most of the times the na
ator tries to deliberately lie to the readers while presenting his/ her own point of view and tries to prove the point that he/ she tries to represent. However the Nick’s character in the Great Gatsby is not a particular unreliable character and he tries to represents the events as truthful as possible. He tells us from the beginning that he has an uncanny ability to reserve the judgment and get the people to trust him. This can show him as the reliable na
ator and all the events that happened in the novel can be trusted. Nick can be seen to prove himself as the reliable character as he says “I am the very leads person who can be trusted and honest”, which shows the extent to which he tries to prove his honesty.
However there is a contradiction that a na
ator can never be trusted and he/she can never be relied upon. This can be proved form the fact that Nick has great fondness towards Gatsby. This fondness can have an impact over the na
ation of the story because this will lead the storytelling contrasted by his clear distaste for the other characters who are there in his book. He sees and...

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