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There are 10 short answer questions, please answer respectively. 1‐ What is the significance of Globalization in Supply Chain Management? 2‐ What are the major supply chain issues? Explain them. 3‐...

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There are 10 short answer questions, please answer respectively.
1‐ What is the significance of Globalization in Supply Chain Management?
2‐ What are the major supply chain issues? Explain them.
3‐ What are the essential differences between the Supply Chain, the Logistics and the Value Chain?
4‐ Explain the role of each of the major drivers of supply chain performance.
5‐ Describe the major sources of supply chain risk. What are some of the supply chain risk management tools available to avoid or mitigate supply chain risk?
6‐ Explain procure to pay process and show it diagrammatically.
7‐ What are the four supply chain objects (or entities) that SCM Globe uses to design a supply chain? Explain more in details.
8‐ What are advantages and disadvantages of pipeline transportation? Describe them.
9‐ Discuss and illustrate the role of warehouses in reverse logistics.
10‐ What are the key steps in network design process? Explain them.
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Supply Chain Management 1
Supply Chain Management
Answer 1: The significance of Globalization in Supply Chain Management: Globalization is an important thing for the supply chain management because it increases the scope of SCM in the international boundaries. It can be said that globalization is making an easier way to the supply chain management because it forces to the businesses to increase their infrastructure to gain competitive advantages (Gattorna, 2017). In addition to this, it can also be said that the globalization increases several opportunities to the companies because it increases the number of customers in new markets. With this opportunity, the company works in a collaborative environment that is helpful to reduce its costs. Globalization is also helpful to provide a better quality of products and services along with faster delivery.
Answer 2: The Major Supply Chain Issues: There are several supply chain issues that create more difficulties in daily business operations. Managing inventory is one of the major issues of the supply chain, because it may create a problem in meeting the requirements of the customers and clients. In this issue, the company needs to count each item within the warehouse, so it can prevent the problem of insufficient and excess of inventory. Managing suppliers is another major issue of the supply chain, in which the company requires to determine the required number of suppliers to supply the inventory within the market. For this, the company needs to identify consistent and reliable suppliers along with the adequate price (Belvedere & Grando, 2017). Maintaining safety and quality is also a major issue, because it may reduce the number of customers due to not meeting the quality standards. The customers may raise the quality concerns of the organizational products that also affects the image and the valuation of the company.
Answer 3: The Essential Differences between the Supply Chain, the Logistics and the Value Chain: The concept of logistics is the process of maintaining the goods and services, whereas supply chain is the process of coordinating and managing the activities of the supply chain which is different from value chain, because the value chain adds the value in the products. All these three terms are used in supply chain management, but they are used in a different way. For example, the objective of the supply chain is the customer satisfaction, whereas the logistics and value chain has the objective of gaining competitive advantages (Christopher, 2013). Supply chain and logistics are originated from the operational management, but value chain is originated from business management. In addition to this, supply chain and logistics have evolved earlier in comparison to supply chain, because it is a modern concept.
Answer 4: The Role of Each Major Driver of Supply Chain Performance: Each driver of supply chain performance plays an important role in the supply chain system because they are inte
elated to each other. The production is the first driver that defines the number of units to be produced, what to be produced, and when to be produced. So, it is helpful to maintain the inventory within the warehouse. Inventory is another driver that is significant to determine how much to make and stock, so it can meet the requirements of the customers as well as to reduce the cost of the company (Schönsleben, 2016). Location...

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