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The report should contain the following elements (please see marking rubrics for more details): Background, introduction and importance of company to the Australian and international business...

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The report should contain the following elements (please see marking rubrics for more details): Background, introduction and importance of company to the Australian and international business landscape: o Focus on its international business environment and funnel it down to Australian base Research, analysis and discussion of sustainability related strategies and issues: o Please relate your analysis to sustainability practices of CSL (i.e. reflect on relevant theory + strategies applied + sustainability practices implemented by the company), and include the roles of planning, organising, leading and controlling mainly demonstrated via: Planning and strategy Human resources management Leadership Controlling the value chain and technology Future strategies management should engage in (identify 3 major strategies based on previous analysis of the company) o Please make recommendations and conclusions based on your analysis
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CSL is a specialty bio therapeutics company having facilities in Australia, United States, United Kingdom and Germany (CSL, n.d.). CSL is well renowned for their innovative biotherapies and research and development. They are serving people in more than 100 countries and has a human capital of more than 17,000 employees working with them in 30 countries (CSL, n.d.). They have three areas of core expertise they are plasma products, vaccines & pharmaceuticals and research and development. The below graph provides the
oader classification of CSL business.
Image Source: CSL, 2017.
From the above chart, it is clear that they have clear segregation in the business operations so that there will be no internal conflict while implementing any strategy. It will provide more independence to the department in forming effective strategic decisions. The below graph indicates the organization structure of the company.
Image Source: CSL, 2017.
From the above organization structure, it is clear that the company has flat organization structure. It has provided more empowerment to their employees. The organization has a more detailed understanding about the benefit of decentralization and enables the organization in the different geographical area to operate independently and make their own decisions that will add value to their operations. CSL is operating in a more complexed environment where the researchers require independence in performing their research and other operations requires independence to act as per the situation. The organization structure is more effective and not confusing, it provides better clarity and definition to every designation and roles and responsibilities.
Political Factor:
Political factor plays an important role for CSL as they are operating in more critical business which is highly influenced by the stability of the country. These businesses require more permission and political support so that change in government will not have an adverse impact on the business. Similarly, there should be favorable trade agreement, trade regulations, tariffs, import and export policies, taxation system and intellectual property protection. These factors have direct influence over the business performance (Witcomb, 2015).
Economic Factor:
A stable economic condition is required for this business to operate successfully in the country. If the economic condition is not favorable, then the amount of investment made in the business will not provide a beneficial outcome. For a business like CSL, infrastructure facilities, stability in the exchange rate, comparative advantage should be significantly high. Similarly, the level of education should be higher because they require more skilled employees to discharge the duties. Inflation is another major influencing factor for the company.
Social Factor:
For CSL business it is essential to pay more attention to the cultural factors because there is a requirement for integration in the business where there will be coordination with different region people to perform a task. The education level of the population is another key determinant, and influencing factor for the business and the business should add value to both country and the company.
Technology Factors:
CSL involves in more research and development, and they focus on providing a solution to various critical disease of human being that requires them to be constant adapt to the new technology (Thurlow, 2015). It is essential to pay more attention to the new technologies available in the industry and acquire them so that they will get the best benefit from them.
Environmental Factor:
CSL should pay more attention for the waste disposal because they could be harmful if they are not disposed of properly by the company then it will result in creating more issue. They should be aware and adhere to the air pollution, water pollution and waste disposal rules and regulation. They should ensure to make use of more environmentally friendly products so that it will not harm the environment (CSL, 2017).
Legal Factor:
There are various legal factors involved in the pharmaceutical business like rules and regulation related to the pharmaceutical industry operations, manufacturing and factory operation business, employment law, discrimination law, anti-trust law and other special legal requirement related to the specific industry. Similarly, health and safety rules play an important role in CSL business. The competition for CSL at both international and domestic level as the products that are manufactured can be sold to any part of the world if their country’s government provides the approval. In case of medicines if they are effective and proven to be good then they can be easily marketed to any part of the world. The primary competitors for CSL are Baxter International, Grifols, and Sanofi. Baxter International is a US company, Grifols is a Spain company, and Sanofi is a France company. The company has more international competitors when compared to the national level competition (CSL, 2017).
· CSL is mainly driven by the promise that they made to the people in providing the best solution for the problems that are faced by them. CSL vision is to be an exceptional global biopharmaceutical company in the world (CSL, 2013). They are value driven enterprise where they pay more attention to the following:
· Patient focus – CSL always focuses on delivering what they have promised.
· Innovation – CSL focuses on turning their innovation into an appropriate solution.
· Integrity – CSL upholds integrity (CSL, n.d.).
· Collaboration – CSL provides equal opportunity to all employees, and they mostly make their decision using collaboration (CSL, n.d.).
· Superior performance – CSL focuses on better and higher performance and are consistent in performing well (CSL, n.d.)....

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