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Microsoft Word - Document4 Assessment Event 1 – Individual Report and Presentation Due: Week XXXXXXXXXXWord limit/slide limit: 1000 words and 7 slides Weighting: 20% Learning Outcomes: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6...

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Microsoft Word - Document4
Assessment Event 1 – Individual Report and Presentation
Due: Week XXXXXXXXXXWord limit/slide limit: 1000 words and 7 slides
Weighting: 20% Learning Outcomes: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6
Graduate Attributes: 1, 2, 3, 5, 6
Much consumer buying behaviour is created around marketing that is designed by commercial organisations to make consumers use or buy its products
and services. However, there is another category of marketing, usually not for profit, that typically encourages its target consumers to do something for
health reasons or for the general public good. The marketing will often be from a government department or public service organisation.
Find a newspaper, magazine or video advert from a government or public service organisation in Australia . This needs to be an official advert/commercial
that has been posted by the advertiser or a creative agency, on a website or in a magazine newspaper or other media. Please note that videos must be no
longer then 90 seconds. The advert/commercial must be presented and/or introduced on one page at the beginning of the report and appropriately
eferenced in Harvard AGPS format. This advert presentation/introduction will not be included on your word count. This assessment event is in two parts.
Part 1 Business Report (10%)
Write a business report of 1000 words that;
• Describes what problem the advertisement is trying to activate and how it is trying to activate this problem
• Summarises what the intention or purpose of the advertisement is and what it is trying to achieve
• Explains how the problem can be solved
• Profiles the target audience and explain why it is the ‘target’ for this advertisement
• Identifies and analyses the activation strategies used by the advertiser in relation to the target audience
• Suggest an alternative problem activation strategy and explain whether you think it would be more effective.
Important Note
• You must apply the appropriate theory to aspects of the problem recognition raised in the advert, and so provide critical analysis.
• Identify, analyse and critique the selected strategy employed.
Written submissions should be a maximum of 1000 words in length which excludes the table of contents, and list of references. It should be professionally
presented, with supporting visuals including diagrams, sketches, photos and other relevant illustrations. This report should also draw on theoretical
eadings in addition to the textbook, all referencing to be from credible sources. Harvard AGPS referencing is required and a list of references.
Part 2 Presentation (10%)
Prepare a PowerPoint presentation that outlines what you believe are the five key discussion points of your report and explain why. There should be one
slide only per discussion point and there should be no more than five bullet points or fifty words (excluding headings) on each slide. There should also be
one opening slide with the topic and your name and one slide with the advert from part 1. The slides must be submitted on the Moodle via Turnitin on the
Tuesday of week 5.
You will present to the class in week. You should presentation should effectively summarise your key discussion points using the appropriate theory to
support. You will have 5-7 minutes to complete your presentation.
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Shubham answered on Mar 17 2022
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Topic-Stop Smoking Start Repairing
Problem of Smoking
Purpose of Advertisement
Ways to solve problem
Activation strategies
Alternative strategy
The presentation will take us to five key areas. Problem of smoking will give an overview about why smoking is dangerous. Purpose of Advertise will focus on the poster created by Government of Australia to create awareness among people. Next we will discuss about the ways this problem can be solved. After that the strategies which are in activation in the system and what impact they are making. Lastly, what alternative is available with us to reduce the impact of smoking in life of Australian people.
Problem of Smoking
Inhalation of tobacco and addiction to nicotine
Preventable cause of death
Passive smoking is injurious
Problem is high in adults and National Aboriginal and To
es Strait Islander community
In Australia smoking is one of the preventable cause of death and diseases. When tobacco from cigarettes is inhaled it causes addiction of nicotine. People who are around smokers are known as passive smokers and they have high vulnerability of respiratory disorders. Around 20% of adults and 50% of National Aboriginal and To
es Strait Islander community are smokers. This is a concerning area because it is impacting the health og younge generation as well.
Purpose of Advertisement
To reduce harmful impacts of smoking
To promote message of quit smoking
To keep the message attractive
To support parents, carers, educators and children
The advertisement was created with a purpose to reduce the harmful impacts of smoking by encouraging people to quit it. Advertisements are a means through which the communication of intended message is attractive and appealing to population. The advertisement intentionally supports the parents, educators, children and carers who...

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