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The proposed transport system is on the provided link. It is the area of the grey line: XXXXXXXXXX%2C XXXXXXXXXX&z=11...

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The proposed transport system is on the provided link. It is the area of the grey line: XXXXXXXXXX%2C XXXXXXXXXX&z=11Assessment information:Sydney is growing, with an expected population of 8.5 million by 2050. The Greater Sydney Commission has identified that significant new transportation infrastructure will need to be constructed in the near future, and has requested student to provide part of an Environmental Impact Assessment for a proposed new high speed transport network. Due to budget constraints, this work has been delegated to you.You are required to design a component of this new network, which will be an underground network. At this stage, it is unclear if the network will use private cars, trains or a hyperloop, and you must provide three competing designs, and a clear justification for which transport mode would be most appropriate for your part of the network. Your decisions should be made in the context of scholarly literature, with relevant citations shown as necessary. Specifically, you must:1. Identify critical parts of the network which may be affected by sea level rise, and quantify the rise over time at these locations.2. Give a recommendation of the expected impacts of climate change over the next century on this project. 3. Locate necessary tunnel portals and stacks. For each, calculate worst case scenario emission rates. Projected maximum transport volumes during peak times (in each direction and for each line in the network) are 30,000 patrons/hour.4. Calculate the equivalent emission rates that would be created if this project did not go ahead — you may assume that the same number of passengers will travel in petrol powered vehicles at the surface along the same route.5. At two key sites along your part of the network, create a map of the worst case scenario pollutant emissions and identify how this may affect existing infrastructure.6. Calculate the energy consumption for each mode of transport, comparing with the baseline of road vehicles. Estimate a dollar value for the energy cost of a typical customer using each transport mode for a single journey.7. An important consideration in this design is that the system will be energetically self sufficient. Recommend nearby land which could accommodate these power demands. Compare the power demands of the different systems quantitatively, and convert each of these power demands into an equivalent amount of CO2 emissions.8. Illustrate your final design recommendation in a detailed diagram.Learning outcomes:1. Examine anthropogenic climate change including its causes, impacts and implications2. Calculate the spread of airborne pollution3. Apply the 1st and 2nd laws of thermodynamics to environmental problems4. Interpret scholarly literature in the context of engineering practice5. Communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing, on technical topics6. Analyse the role civil engineers play in addressing global environmental problems such as climate change.Rubric:
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Transportation system
Table of Contents
Introduction    3
Rising sea level parts in the network    3
Emission rate    5
Equivalent Emission rate    6
Pollutant concentrations    7
Private cars designing    8
Trains designing for given maps    9
Conclusion    10
List of Tables
Table 1 Climate change average values    4
Table 2 Emission rates for specific means    6
List of Figures
Figure 1 construction of Tunnels Portal    5
Figure 2 Project emission of targeted routes in 2020 over time    6
Figure 3 All transportation emission for 2030 over time    7
Figure 4 Energy consumption of different means of transportations    8
Figure 5 Mode shift Assumptions    9
Figure 6 Designing of Private cars    10
Figure 7 Hy
id Transportation system    11
In this report, new transportation  Infrastructures will design of targeted areas.  the climate change, the emission rate of located areas with designing of tunnels will be discussed.  The Transportation system of cars and trains will be designed according to the given locations of Sydney which will be based on the standard principles of Engineering.
Rising sea level parts in the network
In Sydney, people use public network transport but still, there is a need for strong transportation network to facilitate the people. Previously, there are few projects like Sydney Metro and west connex integrated the transportation system and these projects help to enhance the supply chain operations in an effective way.
The highlighted network is the adjacent side of the South Pacific Ocean specifically from the location of Mona vale to Hartsville. These areas are under threat because the sea level is rising faster here. According to the study, the sea level of Boston is increased between 0.3 to 1.8 m including the flooding. The tidal floating is 1.8m due to which this ocean can affect the 20 percent of population and su
ounding area of Boston including houses transportation infrastructure etc. The location Manly is also under threatened due to high seal level and the reason to increase in level is due to expansion of water in warming state (Labor Enviroment Action Network). The Manly beach is also dominated by waves of the Pacific Ocean and susceptible to erosion in the storm events. These areas have also long history in earlier years which exposed the failure of their protection works. According to the latest report on climate change, the sea level in su
ounding area of Bondi beach will be up to 80 percent rise at the end of this century (Labor Enviroment Action Network).
The climates of the region from Penrith to Manly depend upon a lot of factors that will affect the transportation system and its infrastructure. In the next century, this project will suffer from a bad climate.
The long and short term climate change near the South Pacific Ocean has a great influence on different aspects, for instance, human life, economic development, etc. There are different climate ‘stressors’ which effect on the transportation infrastructures of targeted areas. This transportation system will be designed across the sea so these stressors will affect badly in these stressors the variables of climate change are given below

Table 1 Climate change average values
    Climate change average values
    Change in weather events
    Change in temperature
    Severe storms
    Change in precipitation
    Storm surge
    Rainy weathe
    Sea level rise
    Blizzards condition
The above factors are responsible for climate change in highlighted areas. Due to the sea, humidity will be increased in the future. In 2008 the report of Garnaut records the highest emission of Australia’s per capita in the world. The emission is directly linked with the climate which results in high temperature, flooding and sea level rise.
In the next century, the climate of...

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