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Sumita Mitra answered on Aug 03 2021
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‘Just War Theory-Is violence ever Justified’
It is refe
ed to as the stated principle or policy on the basis of which war is morally justifiable through a series of military ethics and guidelines. It has two groups or concepts which states that why to actually go to a war and the second the moral conduct within the war. Of late in modern world there is a new category of just war theory which actually deals with the morality of post-war settlement and reconstruction. Violence in any scenario is never justified but it is a necessary evil these days as stated by “Bismarck’’ in the last century.
If we talk about instances for modern day violence through the eyes of a war or the world wars than it is not justifiable as per this theory to bomb Japan by the US in the WW 2 with atom bombs which caused humongous devastation to the human mankind. This was done so that Japan su
enders to the allied forces in the war, but not at the cost of so many...

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