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The course title is Advanced Financial Management in For-Profit, Nonprofit, and Government Human Services Programs. ASSIGNMENT TITLE: The Intersection of Mission and Money This is the first component...

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The course title is Advanced Financial Management in For-Profit, Nonprofit, and Government Human Services Programs.

ASSIGNMENT TITLE: The Intersection of Mission and Money

This is the first component of your course project.

Organization Selection

If you have not already done so, select a nonprofit organization to use as the basis for your course project. You will use this organization for all the course assignments, so read all the assignments now. You must have access to adequate information about this organization to complete all required assignment tasks. Review all the assignment tasks before selecting the organization to make sure you can find the information you need.

You can select an organization where you work, direct, or know the director or a member of the board of directors, and where you can obtain the required financial information. There is also data about nonprofit organizations available from the Guidestar Web site and elsewhere. On the Guidestar site (see the link in the Resources), you can create a free account and access reports and IRS Forms 990 for a range of nonprofit organizations. Information for many nonprofits can be accessed elsewhere on the Internet.

As an example, for the Second Harvest Heartland nonprofit, annual community reports and IRS Forms 990 are available online (see the link in the Resources). Be aware that not all online sources will provide all the information you will need.

Assignment Instructions

In this assignment, you will focus on the mission and budgeting process of your selected organization.

For this assignment:

  1. Analyze the mission and vision of the organization.
  2. Link the roles of mission and vision to the financial success of the organization.
  3. Identify the budget format or process used in the organization.
  4. Analyze the financial operations of this nonprofit by examining each of the financial categories reported. How does this approach compare with financial operations for-profit and government human service organizations?
  5. Analyze the relevant rationale or theories and practices of organizational fiscal management and control, as related to the mission and budget of the organization. Is there a match? Is anything missing?

Review the scoring guide for this assignment now, to learn about the criteria on which your assignment performance will be graded.

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Swati answered on Jul 29 2021
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The Intersection of Mission and Money
Youth for tomo
Youth for tomo
ow is a nonprofit organization that is cu
ently licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Social Services and Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Development Services (DBHDS) to accommodate residential placements in shelter and residential treatment center and DBHDS to provide opportunities for Therapeutic Day Treatment and Intensive-In-Home services. It works on delivering the comprehensive life education programs so as to empower children in order to promote mental as well as physical wellbeing. They tend to deliver intervention along with prevention programs so as to combat several issues associated with the youth. There sole purpose is to engage today’s youth so as to build stronger communities for tomo
ow. They are working on 3 major pillars named engage, educate and sustain.
Mission- Youth of tomo
ow secondary school have mission to deliver dynamic
eadth of knowledge for youth so as to
ing inspiration about the self purpose, stronger communities sustenance and to drive positive change. Along with this, mission extends allowing youth to have ample opportunities to
ighten and enhance their life without impacted by financial responsibilities.
Vision- To foster self discipline, creativity, curiosity, independence while understanding the fact that every student is unique and deserves opportunity to achieve potential. Also to em
ace students to develop into responsible citizens that will make a difference in community life.
Roles of mission and vision to the financial success of the organization is directly linked as more the financial strength, more will organization be able to serve the youth of tomo
ow. In order to achieve and work in direction of their mission which is to deliver empowerment programs requires financial assistance. Without money, running empowerment programs and educated the children for better future is not feasible.
Also, the vision to spread its coverage to national as well as international level requires more donations and funds along with financial management at every step keeping sight over the budget as well as the financial processes.
Budget format or process used in the organization includes major part of finances from the donations and the revenue generated through several programs. And the expense that...

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