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Task This assignment requires you to develop a case study showcasing the international tourism system of an international destination location. You have selected the location prior to Week 3. The...

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This assignment requires you to develop a case study showcasing the international tourism system of an
international destination location. You have selected the location prior to Week 3. The assignment will
develop critical thinking, analysis and literacy skills to synthesise information related to theories studied
in this unit.
Identify the main issues for the location as a tourism destination and contrast these with concepts from
at least twenty (20) recent and relevant academic literature sources. Assessment 2 (Annotated
Bibliography) will assist with additional literature required. You can draw on other sources to support.
Follow the structure and criteria below.
Case study structure
1. Introduce the location and outline main themes to be discussed and analysed in the case study. (100
2. Provide analysis of tourist visitation to your location. Use relevant statistics to support your answer.
(350 words)
3. Explain what makes the destination attractive to tourists. Relate to the tourism system, motivation or
satisfaction theories in this unit. (250 words)
4. Identify and analyse issues related to tourism and destination development at the location. (750
5. Identify and analyse negative and positive impacts of tourism activity on the host community at the
location. (750 words)
6. Identify and discuss four (4) policy implications to achieve sustainable tourism outcomes for the
destination. (300 words)
Include a list of all references you have cited at the end of the case study (the reference list is not
included in the word count for this assessment).
Marking criteria
Case study discussion
• Logical discussion and argument (3 marks)
• Clarity of expression (3 marks)
Case study analysis
• Introduction (2 marks)
• Tourism visitation (5 marks)
• Destination attractiveness (5 marks)
• Issue analysis (12 marks)
• Impacts of tourism (12 marks)
• Policy Implications (4 marks)
• Co
ect referencing within body of report (2 marks)
• Co
ect referencing style for reference list (2 marks)
Total (50 marks)
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Tourism in Sri Lanka
Tourism in Sri Lanka
Student Name
University Name
Introduction    2
Tourism visitation    2
Destination attractiveness    3
Issue analysis    4
Impacts of tourism    7
Policy Implications    9
Conclusion    10
References    10
Case study Discussion: The study examined the tourism impact of Sri Lanka's famous tourist destinations - the Buddhist temples Gangaramaya, Kelaniya Raja Maha Vihara, Colombo, and other local communities. This tourist city was selected for research because it provides an ideal example for analyzing the conflicts between local communities and tourism. A few years ago, local communities and several pressure groups organized large-scale protests against certain tourism projects in the area. This small-scale tourism city has become the focus of the Sri Lankan community. In Sri Lanka, the tourism industry is experiencing a crisis due to continuing ethnic wars. The case study shows international tourism system of Colombo, Sri Lank. Main issues, as well as positive and negative impacts of tourism, are also included in this case study.
Tourism visitation
SLTDA publishes statistical bulletin and the statistical report showing Sri Lanka's tourism performance regarding passenger a
ival rate, foreign exchange income, job creation, and hotel occupancy rate. Tourism has made important contributions to the national economy. Sri Lanka received more than 2 million people in 2016, an increase of 14% compared to 2015. Regarding foreign trade earnings, Colombo’s revenue increased by almost 18.9% in 2017. The employment opportunities created by this sector increase by 5.1% regardless of direct and indirect 2016 ("2016 Statistical Report"). When examining the contribution to the country’s economy, destination marketing organizations have the opportunity to further improve the marketing of tourism products. With the help of the Sri Lankan government, tourism in Sri Lanka is gradually increasing (Selliah and Applanaidu, 2015). Destination marketing organizations need to focus on
and strategy to promote the attraction as a tourist destination. Sri Lanka receives many tourists from all over the world. In this study, only the top ten markets in Sri Lanka were considered. A large number of tourists entered the country from India (Buultjens, Ratnayke and Gnanapala, 2016). However, the number of tourists from China increased significantly from 2015 to 2016. According to the 2016-2020 Sri Lanka Tourism Strategic Plan, 50% of the country's total visitors come from India, China, the United Kingdom, Germany and France. Therefore, it can be concluded that although we have received a large number of tourists from India, the growth of China's future tourists will continue to increase substantially. Although the United Kingdom and Germany rank third and fourth among the top ten markets, Australia and Canada have a growth rate of 17% so that these markets may grow in the future (Buultjens, Ratnayake and Gnanapala, 2015).
Destination attractiveness
Due to its compactness, Sri Lanka is also an amazing contrast and spectacular beauty. Along the coast, visitors can explore charming beaches, hunting tours, guided walks in ancient cities, and experience modern Sri Lankan culture and a little bit. Colombo is Sri Lanka’s financial capital, the busiest city and the heart of Sri Lanka’s economic and financial heartbeat. The coastal city of Colombo is a beautiful place for holidays and enjoys local cuisine and other leisure activities. This city is one of the most popular tourist destinations for colonial heritage or popular attractions. Temple named as Gangaramaya Buddhist is most popular places in Colombo as well as famous for its Thai, Indian, Chinese, and Sri Lankan architectural styles. It can also be called a place of study because there are museums and li
aries (Gamage, 2013). Close to the temple, there is an educational institution, an orphanage and a home for the elderly. Colombo and Colombo South Resort stretch along Mount Lavinia to Negombo in the north. The city of Colombo is a major part of the region and is the centre of business activities, conferences and sporting events in the country. Colombo is the gateway and stopover point for international tourists. Tourist attractions can be divided into natural or artificial. Nature attractions include natural attractions, flora and fauna and a pleasant climate.
Issue analysis
It is impossible for tourism organizations to provide the same service standards throughout the world. The next problem encountered in this paper is the problem faced by the tourism sector, that is, the rapid rise in the price of fuel directly related to travel. Virtual tourism activities provided by different technologies and the Internet are also one of the major challenges facing the tourism industry, which will reduce the speed of actual tourism activities. In addition, safety and security are also the main problems faced by the tourism industry. These issues should be properly maintained for the effective and efficient operation of tourism associations. Another issue is the political instability of the host country, which also poses problems for tourism activities (Selliah, Applanaidu and Hassan, 2015). To solve the identified problems, the government should support the tourism sector. The challenge of consuming other destinations: At present, the eye-witnesses in the hotel industry have a high turnover rate of employees in the Middle East as well as countries in India and in Maldives. However, as Sri Lanka’s political environment is more stable and its quality of life has improved, we expect this consumption to gradually decrease. Skilled labor shortage: As new players enter the...

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