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Task Requirements: This task will enable you to learn and practice the various data analysis techniques that can be employed to arrive at the findings of any research and make inferences. You will...

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Task Requirements:

This task will enable you to learn and practice the various data analysis techniques that can be employed to arrive at the findings of any research and make inferences.

You will need to prepare a report based on thestatistical analysisthat you carry out on the provided‘Hotel Industry data sheet’. .

For this task, you will need to answer thequestions given in theassessment 2-Questions document(attached here).

Please note that I have made 6 different sets of datasheets available under assessment folder Moodle. You will be workingONLY on the datasheet which corresponds with the starting alphabet of your name. You need to choose the data sheet according to the starting Alphabet of your name (The first letter that appears in your enrolled name). Eg Thi Bui Vu will need to choose Hotel Industry Data - Sheet 6- (Students Names Q to S) for their assessment task.

Remember that you will besubmitting the data sheet with your calculations on LMS.Thereport will be submitted on Turnitinsubmission point.

The report should include the following sections:


  1. Identification of the Variables (1a) (3 Marks)
  2. Questionnaire (1b) (2 Marks)
  3. Data Analysis (Answers and Comments) XXXXXXXXXX17 Marks)
  4. Findings of the Survey XXXXXXXXXX3 Marks)
  5. Conclusion
  6. Total Marks (25 Marks)
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Shakeel answered on Jun 13 2021
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Tourism Research and Analysis: A report
Student No:
Table of Contents
Introduction    3
1. Identification of variables    4
1 (b). Questionnaire    5
2. Data Analysis    6
Finding of the Survey    13
Conclusion    13
Hotel and Tourism Industry is one of fastest growing industries in the world. In an estimate of Dransfield's Hotel Futures 2019 report, the annual growth of hotel Industry in Australia is supposed to be around 4.0% till 2027. The project of investment in hotel needs high cash outlay and therefore, project should be assessed carefully. There are several ways through which a preliminary survey can be ca
ied out for the selection of hotel site and the appropriate size of hotel that can be started in a particular area. Here, in this report, a detailed survey analysis is ca
ied out with propoer explanations and interpretation of result. Survey is conducted through questionnaire method where a set of questions are asked to both customers and employees of hotel industry. The sample size is here taken as 30. The questionnaire is filled by both customers and employees of existing hotels. Once the data is collected in questionnaires, all the relevant information is feed and tabulated into excel for analysis. The analysis is ca
ied out through different charts and graphs. Overall, the descriptive statistics are conducted and the results are displayed through different figures and diagrams. Once, the analysis is conducted, the report is written explaining the process, result and conclusion of the analysis.
1. Identification of variables
Variables are most important determinant of statistical analysis. Any expression or statement relevant for finding the answer of question is defined by variable. For example, if we ask the age of respondent then here, age would be a variable that may have any value differ from respondent to respondent. Basically, a variable is classified as Quantitative variable and Qualitative variable. Quantitative variables are those variables that have numerical figures. For example, age, salary, income, growth etc. Quantitative variables are generally two types – Discrete and Continuous. Discrete variables are those variables that have values as integer. For example, number of employees, Number of hotels etc. Continuous variable are such variables that may have any value, even in decimal. For example, Income, growth, age etc. Now, the Qualitative variables are those variables that have no numerical figures. They show the characteristic or quality. For example, color, size, nature etc.
Here, different variables are used in questionnaire and so the table 1 shows the list of summary of variables -
    Variable Name
    Variable type
    Customer ID
    Customer Numbe
    Quantitative (Discrete)
    1, 2 (male, female)
    Quantitative (Discrete)
    Age (Years)
    Customer Age (years)
    Quantitative (Continuous)
    Hotel Type (Star Number)
    2,3,4 and 5 Star Hotels
    Quantitative (Discrete)
    Hotel Location
    Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Sydney
    Room Type
    1 , 2 and 3 (Standard, Medium and deluxe)
    Quantitative (Discrete)
    Low Season-Room Cost
    Low Season-Room Cost $/Night
    Quantitative (Continuous)
    High Season-Room Cost
    High Season-Room Cost $/Night
    Quantitative (Continuous)
    Staying Period (Nights)
    Number of Nights
    Quantitative (Discrete)
    Customer Annual Income
    Customer Income $/yea
    Quantitative (Continuous)
    Number of Employees
    Quantitative (Discrete)
    Employee Average Annual Salary
    Quantitative (Continuous)
    Customer Satisfaction
    (1-5 scale)
    Quantitative (Discrete)
    Employee Workload Satisfaction
    (1-5 scale)
    Quantitative (Discrete)
Table 1: variable list
1 (b). Questionnaire
The questions that...

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