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Task Description In this task student is required to analyse the mega trends from the CSIRO tourism futures report and write a report that identifies the underlying drivers and trends that are...

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Task Description

In this task student is required to analyse the mega trends from the CSIRO tourism futures report and write a report that identifies the underlying drivers and trends that are influencing this tourism mega trend.

You are expected to read widely (including futures literature). Your report should be of 3000 words (excluding references and appendices) and may include a limited number of tables and figures.

NOTE:Your recommendations should be tailored to a destination and at broad industry level, not at an individual firm level.

Criteria used to grade this task:

  1. Integrate theory and research to critically analyse the mega trends in tourism and hospitality industry
  2. Investigate and analyse the key drivers and trends that are influencing (or will influence) the future development of the mega trend chosen
  3. Examine the specific opportunities and challenges the mega trends may have on tourism-related industries
  4. Formulate and justify key recommendations related to the marketing and management of tourism related industries to ensure Australia will be successful and competitive in the future
  5. Explain the political, socio-cultural and economic factors that influence the emerging global tourism markets
  6. Describe the relationships between tourism and the content areas under study (e.g. commodity culture, visual culture, media culture, etc.).
  7. Demonstrate research, deduction and problem solving skills to predict the future direction of tourism and hospitality.
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Table of Contents
Introduction    4
Mega-Trends in Australian Tourism    4
Sustainability    4
Bio-Diversity    4
The silk highway    5
Health and Safety    5
Technological Advancement    5
Great Expectations    6
Hotel Industry in 2030    6
COVID-19 Health advisory guidelines    6
Cheaper alternatives to travel    6
Economic and personalized accommodation    6
The emergence of distant tourism    7
Depreciation in fast-food and contact goods market    7
Customized tour packages    7
No event organization costs    7
Virtual Tourism    7
Key Drivers Influencing on the Mega Trends    7
Safety    8
Affordability    8
Demographics    9
Brand Value    9
Technology    9
Environment    10
Individuality    10
Threats and Opportunities    10
Threats    10
Opportunities    11
Reasons for Australia’s Competitive Success in Future    11
Factors Affecting Australian Tourism Industry    12
Political Factors    13
Social Reasons    13
Economic Factors    14
Relation between Tourism and Digital Media    14
Future Goals of the Industry    15
Conclusion    16
Recommendations    16
References    18
The tourism industry of Australia has been an enjoyable source of boosting the economy of the country for a long time. In recent times, the industry is facing competitive clutches from many other sectors and it is important that various factors that influence the existence and growth of this industry are analysed and understood for the well-being of the tourism industry of Australia. In this article it should be discussed how the various trends that affect the growth of the tourism industry of Australia come into play and how they influence the market in a country. Socio-economic conditions of the country that a vital role in the existence and growth of the industry shall also be discussed in detail.
Mega-Trends in Australian Tourism
The trends that have influenced the industry of tourism in Australia the advent of this very industry have changed over the years and the demand of consumers has been a subject to change in every passing year.
This trend focuses on the usage of resources available in the earth in the most effective way. It is a known fact that the earth has limited resources and therefore sustainable development is essential for the growth of the. The endeavours of the companies and organisations to make maximum use of resources without harming the environment are the basic focus of this trend.
A number of plant and animal species are on the verge of extinction in the world today and a number of species have already disappeared from the planet. This trend in the tourism and hospitality industry Australia takes into account the responsibility of the industry to protect the lives of these endangered species. In this way it can be ensured that extinction of species can be fo
idden and ecosystem can be preserved the way it is today.
The silk highway
This shifting of prosperity from the West to the East is a major mega-trend for the Tourism and Hospitality industry of Australia. Scientific discoveries and publicity has led to development of a number of new destinations for visit, which has increase the demand of visit to virgin boards across the country. The relatively high general wealth of the Australian middle class is a leading factor for the flourishing of the tourism industry in the country (CSIRO FUTURES, 2012). The high wealth and revenue of the industry enables it to conduct publicity events in television and other digital platforms on a large scale.
Health and Safety
The economic stability of elderly people enables them to visit Australia and their numbers are on the rise in the past 5 years. Therefore, with the increase in the elderly population visiting the country the tourism and hospitality sector of Australia must align itself to the needs of these people. Increased and developed health conditions and healthcare facilities for the elderly people is also a major factor for the rise in the number of elderly people visiting Australia.
Technological Advancement
With more technological advancements better communication skills are come into play and virtual communication has become a trend. In this way the tourism industry of Australia can explore the possibilities of virtual presence through digital media which may affect the industry in near future. In this way the companies can ensure that the marketing models that are in action are effective even for virtual communication.
Great Expectations
This megatrend focuses on the rising demand of experiences over products which is important for any organisation to maintain social relationships. the expectation of the consumers have risen considerable e with regards to the experience that they achieve in a tourism and hospitality service and this is a rising challenge for the organisations of this industry.
Hotel Industry in 2030
COVID-19 Health advisory guidelines
It must be taken into consideration that after covid-19 health guidelines shall be available in the industry. The hotel and hospitality industry that has been predicted for the year 2030 is a major driving factor for the tourism and hospitality industry of Australia today.
Cheaper alternatives to travel
Cheaper alternatives of travel shall also be present in the industry. It must be made a necessity for the tourists to be able to avail cheaper modes of transport and communication facilities.
Economic and personalized accommodation
The indicators of growth with respect to some specific attributes are also looked into during this period of time. Personalized accommodation systems which are economic with respect to the consumer must be encouraged.
The emergence of distant tourism
Travelling to distance tourist spots at a suitable cost and without much effort shall be the target of tourism industry in a decade. This change needs to take place because of suitable method of communication and advanced technology which will enable people to travel far and save time.
Depreciation in fast-food and contact goods market
Fast foods and contact goods will soon disappear from the market in great numbers because of the post covid-19 situation that will rise. This will give rise to necessity for different kinds of commodity in terms of consumers.
Customized tour packages
The emergence of customized tour packages which will be made for individual consumers is also a rising demand in this industry.
No event organization costs
The cost of organizing events shall be lessened to a great extent because of the social distance in norms that will prevail in the post covid-19 situation.
Virtual Tourism
More number of customized tour packages along with virtual tourism is opening up new horizons for the tourism industry after a decade.
Key Drivers Influencing on the Mega Trends
The various trends that exist in the tourism industry of Australia affect the industry in a number of ways, which are manifold in nature. This trend range from socio economic conditions two political conditions of the globe and therefore it is important to analyse each one of them in detail in order to understand the direction of flow of the tourism industry in Australia. The importance of these factors lives in a variety of range, which is important to be understood in detail.
The tourists of today are concerned about their health...

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