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Task Description EssayORAnnotated Reference List: 1,500 words Your task is to produce either a formally written essay or an annotated reference list. Essay topic(1,500 words +/- 10%): All good...

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Task Description

EssayORAnnotated Reference List: 1,500 words

Your task is to produce either a formally written essay or an annotated reference list.

Essay topic(1,500 words +/- 10%):

All good communication is based on an understanding of the audience. Identify the key variables that may be present in an audience and discuss how a message might need to be adapted to manage these differences. Write a formal 1,500 word essay on this topic. Upload this to Moodle as a Word document (no zipped files, pdf or rtf files).

You are to use a minimum of four (4) CARS compliant sources in addition to the unit text in the referencing of your essay. Your sources should include at least two (2) journal articles accessed from the Library databases. You are to use the American Psychological Association (APA) style of referencing.

CARS checklist:

C = is the source CREDIBLE? Does it make sense? Is it a place that usually provides unbiased/impartial information?
A = is the source ACCURATE? Is it up to date? Are the statistics/data recent or relatively 'fresh'?
R = is the source RELIABLE? Is it a place you can always count on to be correct and trustworthy?
S = is the source SUBSTANTIATED? Do you know who wrote/designed/hosts it? Do you have a name you can check up on?

Note: Attach a copy of the marking criteria sheet at the end of the essayWord document before submission for marking.

Annotated reference list topic(1,500 words):

Research and select ten (10) different sources of information on the theme of 'the audience in business communication'.

Each chosen source must meet the CARS checklist. Do not include more than three (3) general or business websites. Other sources you may use include: Hard copy books; E-Books; Journals and magazines; Hard copy newspaper articles; Online newspaper articles; Reports; Conference papers; An academic web site or a stand alone academic document on the web; Government documents; Legal documents; University-provided study materials; Specialist industry sources. You should include the unit text.

When you have selected ten sources, create an APA style reference for each one and then write a 150 word summary of each source. Your completed assignment will be a Word document detailing ten sources, each referenced in the APA style. Each source will be annotated by its own 150 word summary. Upload this to Moodle as a Word document (no zipped files, pdf or rtf files).

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Shanaaya answered on Aug 18 2020
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*    2018
Good communication is something coming from the inside. Good communication comes with unconscious thought, at times it goes straight away and sometimes other person thinks he heard something else and misunderstands, frustrates and create conflict issues. Communication gap creates issues in Schools, Colleges, government departments, offices and in fact, it hampers personal relationships. To communicate more clearly and effectively requires learning some important skills. If you are trying to improve communication with your spouse, kids, boss, or coworkers you need to learn skills which can deepen your connections to others, it will build greater trust and respect which result in improvement of teamwork which in turn help to solve problems.
Good Communication is a bit more than just exchanging information. It’s about the emotions and feelings behind the information. To make other’s understand what you need to make him listen in the same manner in which the other person gains the full meaning  of what’s being said
Communication is more effective when it becomes spontaneous rather than formulated (Zollo, 2015). A speech that is being read should have the same impact as a speech that’s delivered spontaneously. One needs to inculcate some time and effort in order to develop these skills. Such effort and practice can help in developing effective communication skills.
iers to Communication
The main ba
iers to good communication are:
Language Ba
ier:- Language is needed for any kind of communication. The inability to communicate using a language is known as a language ba
ier. These ba
iers can be overcome by interpreting or by the translator.
Stress and emotions-: When you are stressed or overwhelmed you are more likely to misread other people it’s more confusing and puts nonve
al communication. To avoid conflict and misunderstanding we should learn how to quickly calm down before continuing a conversation.
Lack of Focus-: We can talk effectively even we do multitasking If you are planning what you say next or daydreaming. You need to avoid distraction and stay focused.
Body Language-: This is a sign of the communication, which details how the person is trying to communicate & would like to present things with respect to the conversation been process. The Nonve
al communication needs to also focus on how the person is communicating and he needs to say something along with it developing a body language which can signify how the other person is communicating. This would also help the listener to feel how the other person is able to respond and being dishonest. for example how the other person is communicating in terms shaking a signal of ‘No’ while his body language is communicating that he is willing to proceed further.
Negative body language-: While pretending to communicate something the other person uses a disciplined negative body language in order to show what he actually meant...

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