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Task (20 marks | Word limit: 1500 words) You are required to choose a topic for your review of literature in Assignment1. In addition, you are required to provide a list of ten (10) research papers...

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Task (20 marks | Word limit: 1500 words)

You are required to choose a topic for your review of literature in Assignment1. In addition, you are required to provide a list of ten (10) research papers that may be used as the basis for a literature review on the topic.

Note: You must carefully select your topic of interest, as this topic will form the basis of your literature review in Assignment 1 and your research proposal in Assignment 2.

The topic should relate to financial planning or applied finance.

Some suggested topics are outlined in Appendix 1; however, you are not required to choose a topic from this list and you can choose a topic that is specific to your area of interest. Most of the suggested topics are broad and you will likely need to refine your choice to a specific area within the broader topic.

Your answer to this task must include the following:

• Introduction — a clear introduction which provides a brief overview of the topic.

• Body — a clear outline of the chosen topic.

· Rationale — a clearly articulated rationale for choosing the topic.

· List of papers — a list of ten (10) research papers with an explanation of how each is relevant to the chosen topic. Please list your research papers using the Harvard referencing style.

• Conclusion — a brief conclusion on your topic.

Note that no reference list is required.

Appendix 2 is a sample of academic papers. Students may use these papers as a starting point for their research if they wish and if they are relevant to their chosen topic. However, studentsare expected to research beyond this list.

Submit your answer in the ‘Task 1 Submission’ text box in KapLearn. The tutor will provide feedback on your topic and the research papers you have selected and you should use this feedback when completing Assignment1.

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Akansha answered on May 13 2020
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Running Head: E-business and its advantages
The given project highlights the financial aspects related to the e-business and its advantages. It analyzes the various factors associated with the e-business and how it influences the business across different countries. The list of ten articles will be selected and showed why the given article had been chosen for the further study. A rationale will be given to give the reasons to choose the topic for the assessment. It will discuss the emerging needs of e-business and how it benefits the entrepreneurs around the world and give the opportunity to conduct business from any places and serve the customer around the globe.
E-business is the process or commercial transaction to which includes sharing ideas and information through the internet. It is the utilization of various internet techniques and tools like online banking, websites, and web-based customer relationship to enhance the productivity and profitability of the business. The companies who have adopted and implemented e-business have better chances to get success. It provides business process, increase sales, improved customer experience and reduces wastage. Today, entrepreneurs want to start their business with low cost which can be done with emerging trends of e-business. E-business helps to start the business with less investment, no location and minimum staff so, it eventually benefits the business in long-run.
1. Benitez, J., Chen, Y., Teo, T. and Ajamieh, A. (2018). Evolution of the impact of e-business technology on operational competence and firm profitability: A panel data investigation. Information & Management, 55(1), pp.120-130.
I choose this article because it depicts the integrated synergy between the internet and business which forms e-business. The article shows the need for skills to understand the e-business strategies and imaginations. It will describe the importance of the e-business for the entrepreneur financial perspective to relate it to business performance. It explains the e-business as a way to overcome the conceptualization of management discipline and principles.
2. Sanders, N. (2007). THE BENEFITS OF USING E-BUSINESS TECHNOLOGY: THE SUPPLIER PERSPECTIVE. Journal of Business Logistics, 28(2), pp.177-207.
I selected this article because it reflects how suppliers benefit financially by using e-business strategies. This enables the suppliers and customers to place orders and get information regarding the products and services which reduces the transaction cost. It shows that with the use of e-business strategies positively impacts both the supplier and company to attain maximum success by eliminating the cost incu
ed by moving from one place to another. The article defines the coordination between the buyer and supplier from the supplier point of view.
3. Soo Jung Oh, Soo Wook Kim, (2011) "The effect of B2B e‐marketplace type on buyer‐supplier relational advantages of e‐marketplace and firm performance", Asian Journal on Quality, Vol. 12 Issue: 2, pp.189-203,
I select this article because it describes the financial advantages of e-business and company performance. It also explains how a firm can increase...

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