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Summary The intention of this paper is to examine the job descriptions for public service workers and the pay amounts commensurate with experience and education. A survey was sent to current public...

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The intention of this paper is to examine the job descriptions for public service workers and the pay amounts commensurate with experience and education. A survey was sent to current public service workers to identify their current roles, job performance and expectations, tenure, and pay levels commensurate with experience. Surveys were sent via Survey Monkey to ask a series of questions regarding their current employment, tenure, education, and pay grade. In addition, research will be conducted to determine if offered a greater amount of pay or position, would employees seek the same type of employment in the private sector or with another governmental agency.

The following questions need to be answered in APA format:

Specific Aims

· Tenure

· Pay Grade

· Education

· Benefits including leave and insurance

· 401K

· Stock options

Background and Significance

Various public service agencies and private sector jobs with same job descriptions and/or job functions will be reviewed to determine the rate of pay commensurate with experience. In addition, education, experience, and tenure will be reviewed to determine pay rates.

Experimental Design and Methods:

To be determined upon completion of research and data.

Reference page....i started with these references:

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Research proposal outline
Over the last few years, labour market has experienced huge dynamics concerning similarities and variations in job descriptions and pay amounts between public service workers and private sectors. There prevails historical difference between both sectors, however, gained attention, in recent years, due to motivation, attitude and outcome variables. The present research study has fostered systematic research on the job descriptions and pay amount variables in context to public service workers with the obvious importance to analysing whether pay commensurate with experience and education or not. There are literary sources used for discussing this phenomenon supported with mixed set of primary and secondary research methods. The collected information is used for understanding this dynamics and knowing intensity of difference regarding pay amounts prevailing in different business settings.
Project objective
The project objective is to ‘analysing job descriptions of public service workers and evaluating whether their pay commensurate with experience and education, and, examining whether they are offered greater pay amounts as compared to private sector employees.
Specific aims
· Are there any prevailing differences in job descriptions of public service workers as compared to private ones?
· To analyse reasons or factors behind difference in job descriptions.
· Whether pay amounts of public service workers commensurate with education and experience? If not, what are the reasons for this misalignment?
· Do public service workers are paid greater pay amounts than private sector employees? If yes, why so?
· What can be the possible strategies for aligning pay with experience and education in public sector?
Background and significance
In the literature, it is argued that there prevails significant difference in the manner of operation and functioning of public and private sector organisation. The functioning philosophy of public sector organisation differs significantly as compared to private sector organisation. This difference is attributed between personnel efforts and rewards commensurate with it. The job descriptions along with roles, duties and responsibilities of public service workers differ significantly from private sector workers. And, this difference becomes more intensified in context to rewards, pay amounts, experience and education (Monte, 2017).
From the past many years, this subject area has drawn attention where it is argued that pay amounts and other benefits awarded to public service workers do not align with their experience, education and competencies. This debated discussion is, furthermore, ca
ied out through comparing job descriptions of public and private sector workers and analysing whether public sector workers are paid more in lieu of working in a government setting (Wilson, 2016).
In government setting, job performance, competencies, skills, education and experience are identified as playing undermining roles in deciding pay amount. There prevails defined system of paying workers as per grades and designation i
espective of education, experience and competency level. Based on the data collected from Monthly Employment Survey (PME), Brazil 2003-2012, it has identified that pay profiles of workers of private and public sector varies considerably outlining the fact that pay amounts depend on the sector where workers are employed (Monte, 2017). The amount of pay and compensation alters as per the workers’ switch...

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