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Summary of this case And answers of discussion questions.

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Summary of this case
And answers of discussion questions.
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Preeti answered on Apr 16 2020
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Case questions
Case summary
Easter Gear is a business firm accorded sound growth prospects in terms of revenue and sales figures, even though, sales figures are less than expected. The organisation is optimally ca
ying out manufacturing and process operations in souring raw materials and preparing gears as per customer terms and requirements. However, Eastern Gear ca
ied out manufacturing and preparation process using standard job shop layout where process and operations spend heavy time in waiting line causing high lead times and loss of productivity result in heavy losses. The discussion ca
ied out for resolving this and improving overall efficiency of Eastern Gear production process.
1) What are the major problems being faced by Easter Gear?
Eastern Gear is found as growing or booming firm in the manufacturing of gears from 2009 to 2011 as exhibited by case study. The sales figures of the firm has increased by 100% in the last quarter, however, it is expected that sales potential could be increased more, in case company improves its order processing speed, reducing lead times, and fulfilling customers’ orders quickly. Due to it, it is predicted that sales figure of the company did not grow as expected. On analysing problems in detailed terms, high lead time of five to six weeks is one of the major problems faced by Eastern Gear. The production process of the company has several bottlenecks located in machine centre delaying the order processing and preparing final products (Pycraft, 2014).
The standard job shop layout of the Eastern Gear is found as major reason behind high lead times and order processing. Under standard job shop layout, work centres are equipped with common set of machines and process. The flow of materials takes place in defined standardised manner i
espective of the nature of order, its monetary value, and demand urgency. All orders are measured on the same scale and made to follow same routine path starting with raw material, gear blank and milling work centre. This path is highly time consuming as all raw materials are located in one work centre for drilling purpose, and, all milling machines are located in another work centre.
The location of all drills and milling machines in one work centre caused jumbled flow of products. The orders get constantly interfere in the shop therefore spends high amount of time in waiting line for a machine and drill location to become...

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