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Subject: Marketing Communication Topic: 7Elevan (Supermarket )Effective Marketing Communications( The Course Project: In this course, you are building an IMC plan to present...

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Subject: Marketing Communication
Topic: 7Elevan (Supermarket )Effective Marketing Communications(

The Course Project:
In this course, you are building an IMC plan to present to your VP of Marketing. You are bidding on the project and want to get the contract. To do this, you proving that you know more than anyone else about this plan, you are the expert, and that you should be hired to completely direct this marketing plan.

Select a product/service you want to design an IMC plan for. This must be a real product/service and already exist. The plan is a written and oral plan (With PP Presentation) due in week 8. You are building the plan throughout this course and each week I will offer ideas, theories, articles and research to support your selection.

The sections of the plan are required:

1. Communications

2. Brand Management

3. Market Segmentation and Positioning

4. Advertising and Promotions

5. Traditional Media

6. Social Media and Alternative Marketing

7. Database Selling/Sales Promotion/PR/Sponsorship

8. Ethical Concerns/Regulations/

9. Evaluating the Plan – Now what?

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Rupsha answered on Jun 11 2021
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Running Head: MARKETING MANAGEMENT        
Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) can be defined as a plan of communication that generally helps in achieving the main objectives that are responsible for marketing campaign through different promotional methods.
7-Eleven Inc. is a widely renowned Japanese - American international organization following a chain of stores, having the head quarter in the Texas. The organization mainly emphasizes in selling different types of soft drinks and beverages, along with some of the products of private
ands like coffee, sandwiches, fruits, salads, bakery items, dairy items, different types of energy drinks, hot and prepared foods, fruit juices and many other things. They are also known to have the delivery services of their foods.
The 7 - Eleven usually deals with many varieties of foods so choosing one will be very difficult. Still to design the Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) plans choosing a product is necessary, so we will progress with the famous item of the 7-Eleven organization, that is, ‘7-Select GO! Yum Kettle Popcorn’. We will make the IMC plans necessary to promote a product that is launched. The sections that are required to build up the IMC plans are -
    Proper communications are very much essential for the successful marketing of a product. Many small businesses as well as products become unable to occupy market in spite of maintaining quality, just because of effective market communications. Strong business communications are extremely necessary in the places where the messages of the employers are shared with the targeted market. The key aim of a successful business communication is to make campaigns so that the information of the product reaches the targeted audience and they can make a purchase. It cannot be denied that proper communication in business is the most important factor in the success of an organization. Communication in business is different in the different sectors, for example in the marketing department effective business communications are essential for educating the employees regarding the uses and benefits of a product, so that they can approach the customers with full knowledge of the product and clear their doubts. Inside a team proper business communications can motivate the team members can play an active role in the improvement of the internal marketing processes. It is very much important and necessary for team members to communicate with in themselves and
ing out market strategies, which are effective with new ideas and benefits. In the sectors of service and product marketing, communication is necessary to settle all the grievances and questions of the customers. Therefore, the first thing that is to be focused for the successful launching of a new product as chosen above is to increase the business communications. Communications within all the sectors are should be improvised as the first step to make a newly launched product successful.
Brand Management
It is another factor responsible for the success of a product. It may be defined as the process that helps in the maintenance of the consistency and the good names of the
and. It generally creates a good impression among the customers and inculcates values to the
and name and the products of the
and. As opined by Chopra (2017), proper management of
and generally controls the satisfaction of the customers, the visual presentations as well as the success in the competition. It is to make sure that the
and should not only aspire to copy the styles of other successful
ands but should also have their own unique identity. Brand creates a matter of trust for the customers and it is very much difficult to build up trusts and very easy to lose the trust. For that, reason quality should be kept in concern always and given priorities too. Good...

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