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subject code:MNG10720You are required to think of an interesting business-research idea and develop this idea into a formal, clearly articulated research question – a problem-statement. This question...

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subject code:MNG10720You are required to think of an interesting business-research idea and develop this idea into a formal, clearly articulated research question – a problem-statement. This question will be used as the organising framework for a critical literature review of previous academic research in the area.
Assignment 2 has two related stages. The first is to convert your idea into a researchable question using the techniques taught in the first two weeks of the unit. The second is to write a critical literature review using the methods taught in week 3 of the unit.
The overall objective is to produce a formal research question and set of research objectives based on a rigorous assessment of the available evidence on the topic. This will be the basis for your development of the project report in Assignment 3.
You are encouraged to discuss your research idea(s) with your lecturer and fellow students in the workshops/tutorials as well as study the materials for the first three weeks of the unit carefully. You will start with a general research idea and, as you go through the literature review, you will modify and hone your question into a clear and concise statement that could form the basis of a research design.
The instructions below lay out the basic requirements of the task.
Prepare a research proposal that addresses the following criteria:Background (250 words) – provide a brief overview describing the industry-related research situation relevant to the research idea you would like to develop.Significance (250 words) – explain the significance and need for this research from the perspective of the business or organisation.Scope (150 words) – explain the geographical, temporal and demographic scope of the proposed research.Problem statement and objectives (150 words) – determine a clear and concise problem statement and two research objectives that relate to your research proposal.Prepare a literature review that critically evaluates five (5) references from the academic literature (books and/or academic journal articles) relevant to your research idea (1000 words).Provide a reference list (Harvard – see Summers and Smith XXXXXXXXXXReferencing Guide for academic literature sources you use to justify your final research proposal.Turnitin – examine your Turnitin Originality Report for this assignment to make sure your similarity score is low and you are rewriting ideas from the literature either a) in your own words or b) using formal quotations as necessary. This is important as failure to do so amounts to plagiarism.Note: This is a hypothetical exercise only that is designed to give you opportunity to learn, in a small but practical situation, about the research process and its place within business management decision making. Under no circumstances are you to approach any employee of any business or organisation for assistance with this assignment or Assignment 3.
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Hospitality Management
Background    3
Significance    3
Scope    4
Problem statement and objectives    4
Literature review    5
Need and significance of effective recycling and waste management    5
Tools and techniques of waste management which can be used by businesses in hospitality industry    6
References    8
In the modern era, the businesses in the hospitality industry are witnessing massive pressure in terms of reducing the negative impact of their operations and activities on the environment. The waste and ga
age generated from hospitality businesses are considered as a significant threat to the environment. The small and big enterprises are now encouraged to use effective waste management tools and techniques so that environment can be protected in every possible manner (Hsiao et al. 2014). Over the past few years, techniques linked with waste management and recycling have become vital in the industry.
However, it can be critically argued that ca
ying out effective management of waste is not an easy task as scientific knowledge and appropriate planning along with logistics are required for the same. The businesses in the hospitality industry are needed to understand the fact that waste management and recycling will not only help them in the protection of the environment and the techniques will also play a vital role in reducing the overall cost of operations. Innovative and modern techniques of waste management should be developed and encouraged with the entire hospitality industry (Thi, Kumar and Lin, 2015). In addition to this, effective promotion and marketing of waste management and recycling should also be ca
ied out so that more and more businesses can become aware of the same.
The present research is going to be significant from business or organisational perspective as it will support them in understanding the need for effective waste management and recycling. Nowadays, companies or organisations operating in the hospitality industry are encouraged to focus on three major aspects which are social, environmental and economic sustainability while ca
ying out their activities (Aparcana, 2017). However, the objectives of environmental sustainability cannot be accomplished easily because the majority of the businesses in the industry are not aware of different tools and techniques which can support in waste management and recycling. It can be expressed that there are two different types of waste generated in hotels and the types are Biodegradable (Wet) waste and Non -Biodegradable (dry) waste.
Vegetables, food and non-vegetable are the components of wet waste in the hotels whereas plastic wrappers, bottles, paper etc. are the part of dry waste which is generated from businesses operating in the hospitality industry. The cu
ent research is essential as it will help the hospitality organisations to understand the need and benefits of effective waste management and recycling. In addition to this, businesses will be able to become more sustainable in terms of the environment by using the outcomes and findings of the present research. The tools and techniques of effective waste management and recycling will be outlined in the study, and therefore, businesses will be able to find more convenient ways to deal with issues related to recycling and waste management. Apart from this, the concept of sustainability and methods to develop a sustainable business will be presented in the cu
ent study. Thus, the cu
ent study or research is critical as it will help the hospitality businesses to protect the environment in the best possible manner by focusing on aspects such as recycling and waste management.
The geographical scope of the present study is that it will help in understanding how the waste generated from the hospitality businesses is posing a threat to the overall environment. The present study will also help the organisations in the industry mentioned above to identify the need and benefits of waste management and recycling. In addition to this,...

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