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ssessment 1:Essay. Matching our ideas about community with community work models/approaches. Due date: 17A pril 2018 Length: 1000 words (excluding appendices and bibliography) Value: 30% of unit value...

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ssessment 1:Essay. Matching our ideas about community with community work models/approaches.

Due date:



1000 words (excluding appendices and bibliography)


30% of unit value

Assignment will be marked out of 100.


"For community development, the integration of theory and practice brings together our theoretical understandings of how society works, and our vision of how we would like it to work, with specific strategies and tasks." (Kenny 2017)

Choose a community that you would like to work with to address an area of change. Focus on specific geographical area, such as a town, a suburb, a village or neighbourhood.

Discuss the desired change(s) you (and the community) would like to see anddescribe how this would occur. Discuss theapproach or model of community work that would best achieve this.


The Paper must be typed on a word processor, double line spacing, 12 point font and submitted via learnline.

Assessment Criteria

The paper will be assessed according to the following criteria:

  • Clear definition and explanation of your view of a community (Weight: 30%).

  • Demonstrates a good understanding of a community work model or approach and how it would help to achievechange (s) (Weight: 30%).

  • Critical analysis of the community work model in relation to the tensions, debates and wider theoretical issues in contemporary society (Weight: 20%).

  • Quality of writing and presentation (eg. spelling, grammar, punctuation and presentation) (Weight: 10%).

  • Correct Referencing (minimum of five academic references, consistent use of a reference system, preferably APA 6th) (Weight: 10%)..
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Communities are the integral part of any society. The success of a society directly depends on the individual well-being of every community that is a part of it. When a community lags behind as compared to its contemporaries, then not only is that community affected, but the growth and development of that society is hindered as a whole. As per the recent findings provided by Community Consultations, several health indicators regarding children in the Katherine region are significantly lower than the rest of the country. This makes the children vulnerable to outcomes of poor development. As compared to the rest of Australia, the infant mortality rate continued to be higher with a death rate or 13.7 per 1000 births in 2014. It was clearly revealed that the requirement for support for children in the Katherine region in Australia involved an increase in the amount of parental support, needing culturally centred programs and assisting children in their developmental years. Most of the children in this region suffer from literacy, malnutrition and health issues. This paper would be taking into consideration the prevalent issues of children in this region and resolving the basic issues via local development approach to improve the community and society as a whole.
ing to Guitart, Pickering & Byrne (2014), the Locality Development approach takes into consideration the fact that the development of a community is only plausible when the entire spectrum of society is pursued at the local community level to
ing about a change. In order to initiate and formulate the plan that would primarily consider the well-being of the children located in the Katherine region. In this case, the blueprint of the plan would be formulated by taking the considerations and suggestions of around 335 individuals. Amongst these, 200 of them would comprise of traditional elders, parents and health advisors. The rest of the plan would be based on the responses and demands made by the children themselves. This community development program aims to subdue poverty, promote literacy and intends to address malnutrition via regional, local and national collaboration and engagement.
The vision of this development program is to improve the literacy rates amongst children residing in the Katherine region of Australia. Excluding this, it also intends to formulate plans and take measures that would reduce malnutrition amongst children along with decreasing the mortality rate in this specific region. The developmental tasks would be ca
ied out via targeted supports, community development approaches and interagency collaboration where the issues of literacy and malnutrition amongst children would be of precedence.
The success of this programme would depend on the extent of engagement of various communities present in the Katherine region...

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