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Social Media Influences: The good and the bad.make sure to include thesis statement3 supporting detailsconclusion.

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Social Media Influences: The good and the bad.make sure to include thesis statement3 supporting detailsconclusion.
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Sunabh answered on Jul 26 2021
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Running Head: PAPER WRITING        1
Introduction    3
Positive Influences from Social Media    3
Negative Influences from Social Media    4
Conclusion    5
References    6
Social media is one of the biggest platform available to every individual, i
espective of his or her age or gender. People can show case their skills, engage with other individuals, start or continue their business and many other functionalities occur simultaneously. However, not all of these functions have equal influence on the users. These influences can either be positive or negative and this paper would discuss the ‘how social media negatively influences youngsters while making lifestyle choices.’ Further, efforts would be made to present the positive as well as negative aspects of this topic.
Positive Influences from Social Media
Social media could be considered as one of the strongest tool for making new connections with friends, relatives as well as people that are complete strangers. Therefore, it allows reduction of communication ba
iers because through social media individuals can not only communicate with other individuals but also can present their thoughts, perceptions and raise their voice in front of all other users. Social media also allow to people from similar thoughts and perspective to come together and engage towards a social cause or perspective. There have been numerous fund raising campaigns as well as other social work activities, which is now being organized through these platforms. Further, youth is being drawn towards social work and practices by organizing social work activities on social media platforms.
Another major influence or positive side of social media is for individual creators or businesses.

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