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2. Vision statement and Mission Statement (15 Marks) - Approximately 500 words 2.1Vision Statement (7.5 Marks) 2.1.1 Analyse the vision statement of the selected organisation in terms of the...

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2. Vision statement and Mission Statement (15 Marks) - Approximately 500 words
2.1Vision Statement (7.5 Marks)
2.1.1 Analyse the vision statement of the selected organisation in terms of the suitability in the cu
ent business environment. (LO1b) (2 marks)
2.1.2 Write an alternative Vision Statement for your selected organisation. (LO1b) (2 marks)
2.1.3 Justify how your alternative Vision Statement is suitable for the company. Your discussion must be applied analytical and problem-solving skills. (LO1c) (3.5 marks)
2.2 Mission Statement (7.5 Marks) - Approximately 300 words
2.2.1 Analyse the mission statement of the selected organisation in terms of the suitability in the cu
ent business environment. (LO1b) (2 marks)
2.2.2 Write an alternative Mission Statement for your selected organisation. (LO1b) (2 marks)
2.2.3 Justify how your alternative Mission Statement is suitable for the company. Your discussion must be embedded in theory learnt in class. (LO1c) (3.5 marks)
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Task2-Vision and Mission statement
    Task2-Vision and Mission statement
    This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeVision statement
- Thorough analysis of vision statement (2 Marks) - An effective vision statement is written (2 Marks) - Justify how alternative vision statement is suitable for the company (3.5 Marks)
    7.5 pts
    This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeMission statement
- Thorough analysis of mission statement (2 Marks) - An effective mission statement is written (2 Marks) - Justify how alternative mission statement is suitable for the company (3.5 Marks)
    7.5 pts
    Total Points: 15.0

Running Head: MANAGEMENT                                  1
MANAGEMENT                                          XXXXXXXXXX
STUDENT ID: 103228.
Table of Contents
Introduction                                            3
Information about the company                                3
Operations, Finance, Human Resource and Risk Management                3
Strategies to Meet the Needs of Cu
ent Customers                        4
Strategies to Gain New Customers                                4
Strategic Objectives                                        5
Suitability of the Strategies                                    5
References                                            6
Information about the company
Skycity is a gaming and entertainment company based in Auckland, New Zealand. It has several casino properties all over New Zealand. Not only casino bars, the Skycity Groups sponsors, bars, restaurants, hotels, common areas and sky towers. The group was established in 1996. The company has shares in both Australia and New Zealand (Günther, Meyer & Dresden, XXXXXXXXXXThe company first opened its casino on Fe
uary 2, 1996, in New Zealand.
Operations, Finance, Human Resource and Risk Management
The group deals with entertainment operations. It aims to provide customers with the rich experience of entertainment through casinos and bars. Skycity Entertainment Group keeps its accounting to the company. The final annual reports of the accounting are submitted to the financial head at the end of every year. At the end of every year, the company needs to produce an auditor's report, income statement and balance sheets for transparent accounting. The company has adopted an online marketing strategy. The company uses 7 Ps of marketing strategy to ensure customer satisfaction. Skycity offers comprehensive benefits packages to the employees to keep their motivation high. Sky City has held a Committee of directors to establish the remuneration of the employees based on their hard work. Appraisal and rewards on major intervals are the motivating factors for the employees. Skycity wants to welcome the talented and fun-loving candidates to the organisation. Since Skycity is an entertainment-based company, the candidates are required to be skilled and fun loving as well. The company follows the Reduction Risk Management Strategy to reduce prominent risks.    Comment by Microsoft Office User: CURRENT PROBLEMS, PRACTICES, PRINCIPALS OF EACH DEPARTMENT THAT MIGHT HELP YOU TO DESIGN THE OBJECTIVES LATER
Strategies to Meet the Needs of Cu
ent Customers
One of the essential strategies for meeting the needs of customers is customer feedback. Using various social media platforms, the Skycity group tries to understand the needs and demands of the customers. Skycity group tries to mitigate the problems of the customers through their feedback on various social media pages and official websites. Another strategy to retain customers satisfaction is to provide additional services to customers. Along with casinos, Ski City provides lavish facilities of dining. Other facilities and excellent luxuries are the ways through which Skycity is trying to meet the needs of the customers. Additional facilities help the customers in enjoying the benefits. Every customer luxuriously wants their treatment (Günther, Meyer & Dresden, XXXXXXXXXXPersonalised services to the customers are one of the most essential strategies for Skycity to understand the needs of the customers. Skycity tries to make customers feel relevant and prioritised. The above-mentioned strategies are leading to customer retention. Customers want special treatment of luxuries. They want individual attention from the company. Not only the specialised services, is Skycity also providing the customers with a platform for feedback. The customers are highly satisfied with the lavish and grand services offered by Skycity.     Comment by Microsoft Office User: TARGET CUSTOMERS, KEY PRODUCTS AND SERVICES
Strategies to Gain New Customers
Skycity is ca
ying out a Cross-Channel User Strategy to acquire customers. The customers can enjoy the services of the company through various channels such as digital or social platforms through a strategy. The group has also facilitated online services for the customers. The customers can avail the online facilities of casinos. The online marketing strategy is providing the Skycity Group with maximum customers. Skycity Group needs to focus its coordination with various channels to implement better customer acquisition strategy. This strategy is leaving a positive impact on the customer's acquisition. This is because the customers are getting to know about the group through various channels. In this age of technology, customers are available on digital and social platforms (Müntner, XXXXXXXXXXTherefore, marketing through social and digital platforms has become highly beneficial for the Skycity Group.     Comment by Microsoft Office User: HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT? CITATION???
Strategic Objectives
One of the essential strategic objectives of Skycity Group is innovation. Innovation is the key to gain the customer's satisfaction towards the company. Skycity group believes that change in services would provide the customers with new visions and experience of gaming. Therefore, innovation is one of the essential strategies (Massarczyk, Winzer & Bender, XXXXXXXXXXSecond, Skycity uses the approach of profitability. Every action or step undertaken by the group has been to incur a profit. The third strategy is performance management. The Skycity Group believes that better services can be rendered if the performance of the employees is managed.     Comment by Microsoft Office User: THESE ARE NOT OBJECTIVES.
Suitability of the Strategies
These strategies are incredibly suitable. Innovation strategy is suitable because innovation in gaming experience would provide satisfaction to the customers. Profitability strategy would be suitable because it would increase the turnovers of the company. Performance management strategy would be suitable because of better services rendered to customers.
Goh, L., Lam, K. C., & Lei, H. W. L XXXXXXXXXXValue Relevance of Financial and Non-Financial Information: Evidence from the Gaming Industry. UNLV Gaming Research & Review Journal, 23(1), 3.
Günther, S., Meyer, K., & Dresden, H. T. W XXXXXXXXXXPerformance Measurement in Internet Gaming Industry–Implementing An Effective Balanced Scorecard at An Online Casino. measurement (PM), 11(18).
Massarczyk, E., Winzer, P., & Bender, S. (2019, November). Economic Evaluation of Business Models in Gaming Industry from Publisher Perspective. In International Conference on Games and Learning Alliance (pp XXXXXXXXXXSpringer, Cham.
Müntner, C. S XXXXXXXXXXThe peculiar problems of the gaming industry: customer retention in mmoprgs (Doctoral dissertation).
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Vision Statement
The vision statement of SkyCity is to deliver world class entertainment through its sophisticated casino parlours. The vision statement of SkyCity clearly states that “At SkyCity, our vision is to deliver world class casino entertainment.” (SkyCity Careers, Winning Careers website)
They also do offers more than 100 world class game boards and gaming machines. SkyCity in order to make their customers feel excited they provide a 360 degree view from the newly build Sky Tower which is 328 meter long to view the entire city of Auckland, New Zealand. To boost the adrenaline of the visitors it also provides sky jumping facilities to fly around the top of the eminent pergola. It also offers delicious cuisines from some of its famous restaurants and bars facilities. One can also enjoy in New Zealand by staying in their 5 star luxury hotels. SkyCity also operates a trust with the name of SkyCity Auckland Community Trust which supports the families with low income, their children in education and towards families living in high deprivation in parts of Tamaki, South and West Auckland and far North of New Zealand. This is relevant to the present situation as a part of SkyCity’s corporate social responsibility program. (SkyCity Auckland Community Trust; vision and Outcomes)     
Alternative Vision Statement
The alternative vision of SkyCity can be to make an amusement park with various joy rides for children of all age groups. It will held fairs, picnic spots, recreation and pleasure garden for children and their families. Since, every one done not likes casino or have the extra bucks to expense, they can enjoy in the amusement park with their families. The amusement park should also consist of freak shows, juggling and magic shows, acrobatics and ho
or shows. The amusement park should also have a rollercoaster ride. It should also consist of go-karts and bumper cars. It should also consist of an aquatic...

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