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Should Coca-Cola Build, Borrow, or Buy? Complete Exercise...

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Should Coca-Cola Build, Borrow, or Buy?

Complete Exercise 5B



Comparing what is planned versus what you recommend is an important part of the case analysis. Do not recommend what the firm actually plans, unless in-depth analysis of the situation reveals those strategies to be best among all feasible alternatives. This exercise gives you experience conducting research to determine what a firm is doing now as well as what they should do in the next fiscal year.


Complete the Strategies in Action; Assurance of Learning Exercise 5B of your text.

  • Step 1: Go to the Coca-Cola corporate website and click on Press Center. Read through the most recent ten press releases.

  • Step 2: Determine two strategies that Coca-Cola is actually pursuing. Give some pros and cons of those two strategies in light of the guidelines presented in Chapter 5.

  • Step 3: Determine two strategies that Coca-Cola is not pursuing. Give some pros and cons of those two strategies in light of the guidelines presented in Chapter 5.

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Strategies Pursued by Coca-Cola          2
Table of Contents
Strategies Pursued by Coca-Cola    3
References    7
Strategies Pursued by Coca-Cola
The strategies pursued by Coca-Cola as effectively collected from the website are as follows:
Global Market Expansion
Coca-Cola strategy of global market expansion involves aggressively entering new markets and expanding in footprint across different countries and regions. This approach is driven by the goal of increasing market share, sales, and revenue in areas where the company may not have significant presence. Coca-Cola leverages its strong
and recognition and extensive distribution network to facilitate this expansion.
· Expanding into new markets can lead to substantial revenue growth. This is especially true in emerging economies with a rising middle class and increased consumer spending.
· Global expansion helps Coca-Cola reduce its reliance on any single market, making it less vulnerable to economic downturns or market specific challenges.
· Because globally recognized
and often gives it a competitive advantage when entering new markets. Consumers are more likely to trust and purchase products from a well-known
· As Coca-Cola expands its operations globally, it achieves economies of scale in production and distribution, potentially reducing per unit costs.
· Each market has its unique set of challenges, including cultural differences, regulatory requirements, and local competition. Coca-Cola mass navigate these complexities.
· Establishing efficient supply chains and distribution networks across borders can be complex, costly and time consuming.
· Coca-Cola may need to adapt its product offerings...

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