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Short answer (13.3 points each) Please answer each question in about a paragraph. 1.Explain why race is a social construction. 2.Why are interest groups important to minorities? Give examples. 3.What...

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Short answer (13.3 points each)Please answer each question in about a paragraph.

1.Explain why race is a social construction.

2.Why are interest groups important to minorities? Give examples.

3.What strategy does pan-ethnicity use to gain political power?

Long Answer (20 points each)Choose 3 of the following 4 questionsto respond to in about 1 page.

1.Why did white minorities (Irish/Asian) have less problems than colored minorities (Latino/African American)?

2.Is institutional racism more detrimental than individual racism in America today? If so, what makes it more detrimental and in what ways?

3.Affirmative action, civil rights and the law, anti-poverty programs, and diversity agenda are all frameworks of change. Which one of these frameworks best addresses the issue of racial inequality? Explain why.

4.Explain why racial identity is considered a master status, and how it affects the way people view themselves. Be sure to use the concept of double consciousness in your answer.

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Sumita Mitra answered on Jun 19 2021
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Short Answers:
1) Race is a social construction because it came into existence from dividing the population in terms of variances in physical and social characteristics. It’s a creation of social structure of our society. On this basis people population got divided into continents, countries and even states. Later on as our social structure in the society got diversified and developed, people speaking the same language also got their distinction in terms of different races across the world. As race is based on perception of people that’s why it is also refe
ed to as an outcome of social construction.
2) Minorities are generally the population or group of people who are comparatively lesser in number as compared to the total population in a country or state. They have different culture, language and religious sentiments as compared to the rest and are also in a non-dominant position in a country. That is the reason interest groups are important to minorities as these groups give everyone an opportunity to recommend publicly for themselves in a political or socioeconomic environment in the state of affairs. For example, in labour dominated sectors like, factories or industries it is difficult for the management to ignore such group who has their own ideas and points rather than someone or individuals raising their own voice and ideas on their own. This interest groups gives strength to the survival of minorities in earning their livelihood.
3) The term Pan ethnicity came into existence to refer to the group of people of Asian origin who actually became Asian Americans. This term was used during mid twentieth century during the anti-colonial and liberation movements. The strategies used were mainly to gain political power were mainly through friendly behaviours, using the tricks and power of bargaining to get things done in lieu of something, coalition with other groups temporarily to get benefits in the long run and achieve the actual...

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