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Preeti answered on Jun 06 2021
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Running Head: DISCUSSION
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Business organisations influence workplace motivation through leaders. There are several ways through leaders can influence workplace motivation, one such way is managing employee performance. According to Gallup’s findings, only 2 in every 10 employees argue that regular review and management of performance by their leaders help them in outstanding work. Leaders need to use it as a process aimed at developing and fostering intrinsic motivation in order to inspire employees for maximum performance. For this, leaders need to consistently score measure and rank employees performance, along with offering standardised feedback. Employee motivation happen when employees solve problems faced by them on their own, creates and develops new aspirations and expectations. That’s why performance measurement is a powerful first step in helping and building motivation of team members (Bruce, 2016).
An example in this context is noted in case of culture where Millennials and Generation Z employees stated and argued that workplace is highly evolving and shifting to new trends and practices. In that case, it is necessary for leaders to realise the fact that their employees needs are changing and moulding. Millennials and...

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