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section C of task 1 annotated bib and all of task 2 lit review -- original work is paramount but for the use of the originality analysis when I submit as you should be well aware. Task XXXXXXXXXXC (...

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section C of task 1 annotated bib and all of task 2 lit review -- original work is paramount but for the use of the originality analysis when I submit as you should be well aware.

Task XXXXXXXXXXC ( c1a->c1d) section RUBRIC:

10 relevant XXXXXXXXXXscholarly XXXXXXXXXXsources, five of XXXXXXXXXXwhich are peer-reviewed XXXXXXXXXXresearch articles on IRAC methodology and critical thinking and XXXXXXXXXXanalysis

C XXXXXXXXXXDevelop an annotated bibliography using ten sources that meet each of the following guidelines:

• contains relevant academic or professional literature relevant to the research topic

• is published by a scholarly source

• can be retrieved online

XXXXXXXXXXProvide an annotation (suggested length of 1 paragraph to ½ page per annotation) for each XXXXXXXXXXof the ten sources that includes the following:

a. an identification of the type of source, including the research approach used for any sources that are original research study articles (i.e., quantitative, qualitative, mixed methods, or action research), if applicable

Note: The XXXXXXXXXXtype of source could be, but is not limited to, an original XXXXXXXXXXresearch article, perspective article, or a professional or XXXXXXXXXXacademic website.

b. a brief explanation of the purpose of the source

c. a brief description of the results or findings of the source. If the source is an original research study, include supporting details.

d. a critique that identifies one strength and one weakness of the source

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Swati answered on Jul 23 2021
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Annotated bibliography
IRAC methodology and critical thinking and analysis
1. Christian H. Jensen, Legal Problem Questions: Analyzing Rhetorical Structures and Strategies Using “IRAC”, 2014.
Online link- http:
The research article is an original research wherein questionnaire methodology is used for interview followed by analysis. This paper focuses on problem question and its solution with the help of critical thinking like a lawyer. Common law legal education is center of this genre. For analysis, the framework of IRAC method is used focusing on analyzing rhetorical strategies and structures.
This source doesn’t exactly works on IRAC method but provides a base, ripe overview and framework to go along with the method, its analysis and critical thinking associated with it.
Strength of this source is that a framework and guide is available using this and the weakness of source is it doesn’t give detailed knowledge of IRAC methodology.
2. Arifin, R. Alkadri, R., Sari, D.P., Resthiningsih, R., & Holish, A.M.‘Improving Law Student Ability on Legal Writing through Critical and Logical Thinking by IRAC Method.’ Indonesian Journal of Advocacy and Legal Services, 1(1), 107 -128 . DOI:10.15294/ijals.v1i1.33706 Indonesian Journal of Advocacy and Legal Services ISSN: 2686-2085 (Print) ISSN: 2686-2611(Online)Vol. 1 No. 1 (2019): 107-128 DOI:
10.15294/ijals.v1i1.33706 Submitted: 21 August 2019 Revised: 30 August 2019 Accepted: 10 September 2019
Online kink- https:
This source is from a journal with latest, reliable and descriptive study about the methods to improve legal writing skills of law student using IRAC method, critical thinking and analysis. A preliminary survey was ca
ied out in the study for identification of problem followed by the activity methods like training, workshops, simulation, application, publication, assistance and case study.
The article focuses on use of IRAC method of critical thinking and analysis which is central topic of my research too.
Strength of this source is its total alignment with my topic and weakness is its more of descriptive study that relies of gray literature majorly.
3. Burton, Kelley, “Think Like a Lawyer" Using a Legal Reasoning Grid and Criterion-Referenced Assessment Ru
ic on IRAC (Issue, Rule, Application, Conclusion), Journal of Learning Design, v10 n2 p57-68 2017
Online link- https:
This source uses several logical reasoning and other grids to study and analyze the importance of IRAC method. It has compared traditional approaches with modern one and proven that the IRAC is a useful framework since generations in order to develop logical reasoning along with teaching law students the way to think like a lawyer.
Adding to existing literature, this journal article which is also peer...

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