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Research Paper Topic:Strategies for expanding democratic practices References : </o:p> Community Development And Democratic Practice . Routlegde, 2019. Print.</o:p> FISHMAN. DEMOCRATIC...

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Research Paper Topic:Strategies for expanding democratic practices References :

Community Development And Democratic Practice. Routlegde, 2019. Print.


Mansbridge, Jane J. Beyond Adversary Democracy. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2010. Print.

Reddick, Christopher G, and Stephen Kwamena Aikins. Web 2.0 Technologies And Democratic Governance. New York, NY: Springer, 2012. Print.

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Tanmoy answered on Dec 10 2021
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Strategies for expanding democratic practices
In this essay we will discuss on how community development began all around the world and how it lead to the development of democratic strategies and practices which are followed universally. There have been various ups and downs while implementing the strategies of democratic practices. Still it was through human collaboration, their painstaking efforts and technological developments which made it possible for the democratic strategies and plans to originate.
The beginning of democratic community development
The framework of democratic development began with the concept of democratic community development. A joint learning exchange programme was conducted by the Kettering Foundation in Dayton, Ohio in 2012. The main idea of this foundation was to find a way or process of how to consolidate the community, people and the democracy to build democratic community development. In this programme they invited groups from these three exchanges like community development scholars and practitioners with vast knowledge and experiences from all around the United States. These scholars were from different communities like economics, leadership development, community psychologists, u
an planners, rural sociologists, market researchers and international developments experienced.
The purpose was to exchange the ideas and discuss on how to develop the community in respect to the democratic practice. They made some decisions after lots of talking on this issue and came up with some valuable conclusions. They suggested that community development was another form of democratic practice and vice versa. They all believed that community development is an assurance to democratic development represented by the institutes, public and the rational distribution of the public resources.
As per Campbell (2015), it was discovered that the essential features of a democratic citizenship should have: (a) Good knowledge (b) Skilful (c) Sense of sociability. Hence, all these characters combined together with proper housing facilities and government funding programmes the um
ella of community development is established.
Then the concept of Friendship or Unitary democracy and Adversary democracy originated. Unitary democracy is a traditional concept of friendship which exists between friends and families. It is a...

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