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Read the following chapters in your course book, pages XXXXXXXXXX: “ What would you consider to be the best social media campaign ever run? Which companies (beside the writer’s own Pepsi) really seem...

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Read the following chapters in your course book, pages XXXXXXXXXX:What would you consider to be the best social media campaign ever run? Which companies (beside the writer’s own Pepsi) really seem to get it when it comes to social media marketing?

In the book the authors answer to the questions and mention examples of large global brands that have succeeded well with their social media marketing . Your task is to choose three companies under observation. At least one must be chosen from this list, the two others you may choose freely, also Finnish firms if you like. Search the web to find examples, how these prominent firms are using social media for achieving new customers or keeping their present customers. Describe briefly one or more of their cases. Give your own comments. For what reasons do you think the authors have chosen these firms as the leading social media users in marketing

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Table of Contents
Introduction    3
Social Media Campaign by Ford Motor Company    3
Social Media Campaign by Google    3
Social Media Campaign by Marilyn Agency, Paris    4
Conclusion    5
References    6
The skyrocketing of the information technology around the globe has opened up a new platform of marketing, namely, digital marketing. Among sphere of digital marketing, social media platforms are centers of attractions for business organizations as; the social media platform caters the highest number of active online users. Depending on the understanding of social media as an area of marketing, different organizations have approached in different styles, among them three significant organizations are refe
ed in the cu
ent assignment.
Social Media Campaign by Ford Motor Company
Ford Motor Company is an American origin automobile manufacturer, who had faced tu
ulent market condition in the last decade. It is due to the remarkable and out-of-the-box digital media marketing technique adopted by the company
ought its business back to the track. As mentioned by Agresta et al. (2010), Ford motors showcase one of the most remarkable social media campaign ever. It is a fact that the company, with the help of its social media marketing had increase in sales of cars, however, considering it as an idea example of effective application of social media marketing, laid in its ability to connect to the sentiment of its users.
Ford used an innovative technique, where it lent a few specimens of newly launched car to a range of influential YouTube channel owners for an honest review of the product. It is arguable that, lending a new product to users for honest review would generate very little scope for technical amendment on one side and on the other pose the chance of discouraging potential buyers of the product. However, Ford saw it in a different way. Ford, at that time was in a tu
ulent state in the market and was in need of a lot of product promotion and
and hype, taking serious note of the organizational condition, aimed at gaining the attention of huge number of online users and chose YouTube as its major platform for the social media marketing of the car. The cars sent for the reviews generated the much needed hype and anticipation in the market...

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