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Read the Executive overview ports below from my classmates. Respond with what you saw valuable in terms of that student’s work and add new information in regard to that topic/company. (125 words each)...

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Read the Executive overview ports below from my classmates. Respond with what you saw valuable in terms of that student’s work and add new information in regard to that topic/company. (125 words each)
The response is not an evaluation of their discussion posts. You would agree with the post and explain/add new information on your response regarding the topic in discussion. (No citation needed)
Thank you
Discussion 1
Vaneica Byrd
Executive Overview
Verizon Wireless is one of the leading companies in telecommunications. Verizon has made several strides in taking the lead as one of the primary companies that consumers go to for their communication needs. Verizon wireless is known for the telecommunication capabilities that expand around the world. Verizon enables its users to communicate through phone and internet globally. Verizon is one of the top producers of internet and wireless communications. The company has grown to establish a strong place in the market. Through their expansion into many states and their MCI merger, Verizon has shown themselves to be a company that has spread throughout the country. The company supports their vision and mission statement through improvements of services, customer satisfaction, training, development, and enriching their employees with the best opportunities to succeed.
Verizon also has some weaknesses when it comes to low diversification of their products, high cost infrastructure, Inability to price compete, Late to Unlimited Data, and User Inconvenience  Verizon Wireless has a strong internal factor that will allow the company to advance in communications technology.  Verizon Wireless must be concerned about their internal weaknesses against other telecommunications services. Although the company has the strengths necessary to continue with their growth, it is important for the company to address their low diversification in the market. Verizon must also take consideration to the opportunities to expand in their market and become a bigger leader in the market. Verizon must also be careful to pay close attention to the competition threats that the company has.
Discussion 2
Oriel Blalock
Executive Summary
Pepsi is one of the world's leading food and beverage business. It has a
oad range of items targeted at various customer audiences. Business success is related to the willingness of the product to satisfy the desires of customers. It has a growing market image, and
oad distributor networks have been developed to guarantee that the goods are accessible even in remote areas. The paper starts with the key topic that the organization faces. At present, the soda sector has been confronted with growing uncertainty and profit margin owing to public safety issues.
Second, it offers both external and internal reviews and guidance for the organization's sustainability and performance. Depending on the five Porter forces, Pepsi is strongly contingent on shifts in the external climate.
The biggest competitor is the Coca-cola group, and for the new entrants, the two firms have built a firewall. The strategic benefit of Pepsis has rendered it a giant. One of the significant disadvantages was the inability to draw individual investors due to a lack of influence over the bottlers who supply them. It has also divided its goods and formed relationships with large distributors. The influential bottling industries are opposed to the creation and growth of new products.
Finally, the article addresses the interventions to fix the problems; the organization will take. The technique suggested the Diversification of goods and Offensive Strategy. Pepsi needs to move to Produce nutritious goods, have customer wellness knowledge to make nutritional decisions, and to reduce waste by focusing on capital products for beverages. The Company will target rival vulnerabilities, and its market share price will rise.
                                                          Action Recommendation
Pepsi works to create confidence and work wisely to deliver sustainable growth. Pepsi will strive to deal with health issues and develop plans for the Company to reach new countries. The Company should concentrate on safe and convenient food and books and aim for dignity, justice, and honesty, as a global consumer goods business. The organization will stress the manufacture of goods that do not risk customers' safety. One of the big challenges for the Company to enter new countries and markets is high sugar, salt, and sodium content. The government is increasingly conscious of wellness. Therefore, the business will produce safe goods with good taste, and satisfaction product expectations are evolving (Clark, 2013).
Set of goals
a) Strategic goals
· To seek to meet changing consumer needs by reducing the quantity of additional sugar, sodium, and saturated fat by 20 percent by 2023.
· Provide clear information on their labels and nutrition by 2023.
Financial goals
· Rising its market share and reducing prices by 10% by 2023 by lowering production
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    Vanecia, after having a close read of your post I agree with you on the fact that Verizon Wireless has to focus on its weaknesses to stay competent against the increasing competition in the industry. In my opinion, the company must focus on its strong internal strengths as this will help the company on its core competencies. You are absolutely right on the point that the...

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