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Read Chapter 6 in Harrison. Pay close attention to the Key Terms on page 212, and focus on: political socialization, public opinion, public opinion poll, sampling error. As you read this chapter on...

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  • Read Chapter 6 in Harrison. Pay close attention to the Key Terms on page 212, and focus on: political socialization, public opinion, public opinion poll, sampling error.

  • As you read this chapter on Political Socialization, I want you to really think about yourselves in regard to this topic. How were you politically socialized? Look at the process and agents of socialization. Look at public opinion and the origins of polls. What are some reasons for polls? What are some flaws? Why? Pay close attention, most especially, to page 195 onward to the end of the chapter. Write down your thoughts about polls. The election is over. Were the polls right or wrong in predicting the outcome of the recent Presidential election?
    • Think about the following question: How have your demographic characteristics--your age, the area of the country in which you were raised--contributed to the formation of your political views? Be prepared to address this along with the other required Discussion Board and Blog entry requirement of exploring what you think is the greatest "problem" facing America today.
      • For your Discussion Board this week, discuss what you think is the greatest "problem" that America is facing today. Is it one addressed in the textbook or is it one you feel is focused on in your family or peer group? Discuss the problem and discuss how you think you came to feel that it is so significant to America today.

      • Find a family member or friend and interview him/her about what the greatest problem facing America is today. Why does that person feel that way? Is this the same or a different problem from you said you think? How do you view the difference or similarity? Be specific.
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David answered on Nov 30 2019
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I am politically socialized in a way that my views are open to new experiences. I do not strongly agree or disagree with any political body. But I try to keep myself updated with the latest news and updates I get on political changes. People belonging to my generation are also politically active adults in a way as they have a strong opinion even it ultimately means to accepting challenges as per different aspects in life. Polls are conducted with a purpose of selecting political leaders whom we have chosen to lead us through for a better future in life. Indeed the elections are over and the polls conducted were good as they had predicted some great and better results that gave Presidential election a perfect conclusion("https:
ooks/21st-century-american-government-and-politics/s10-02-political-socialization.html", 2017).
I have been living in America since childhood and my political views are definitely influenced by the place where I live. My views on American politics includes various elements such as liberty, equality. Democracy, individualism, rule of law, nationalism as well as capitalism. The American political culture also includes a combination of disagreement and debate. American culture also defines political attitude, institutions and activities that are rather most cherished in American political life. There are various problems that America is facing today such as non–acceptance of the LGBT community by the society since there are instances today which show that they are still the unwanted section of the society. Another problem is the psychic event that take place by a shootout at nightclubs where people are randomly being killed and...

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