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Sarah answered on Mar 27 2020
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The relationship between Australia and China has soured with increasing assertive and confident foreign policy. Australia indicates China to use coercion, has co
uption and act with intimidation. The news indicates about the claims of Australia that China is making the country less secure while there is no such conflicting security interest present between them (Bisley, 2017). The main reason for all these ideologies and security threat for Australia from China is the behaviour of China in the South China Sea. But there is a signal of Chinese influence or dominance present in some aspects which could cause some trouble to the Australian national security. It is not alone the perception of Australia as China’s response indicates the same sourness and not friendly approach to solving the issue i
espective of their close association with each other. It urged Australia in publishing their white paper that can conceal China’s containment. The problem has resulted in tension that is being felt by the people from both the countries that are these issues are having an impact on Australian and Chinese people relationship. There is a significant presence of mistrust between both Australia and China that could increase the tension further between them in future.
Australian Foreign policy
Australian foreign policy was drafted to address the security threat that is perceived to be present in Australia and China. Australia is aware of the tensions and problems present in Asian countries. Australia is not planning to insulate them from these issues. Instead, they want to move with the global flow as there is energy linkage in Indo-Pacific region posing Australia energy security risks. Australia will become the largest exporter of Liquefied Natural Gas in the globe, and their major consumers are from Asia that indicates...

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