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PowerPoint Presentation Road No 2 Road No 1 Road No 1 Road No 1 Public Drain Public Drain Outlet point C Connection to Public drain (Invert level = 100.0mRL) A B C D E F G H Assignment 2 (15%): Design...

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PowerPoint Presentation
Road No 2
Road No 1
Road No 1
Road No 1
Public Drain
Public Drain
Outlet point C
Connection to
Public drain
(Invert level = 100.0mRL)
Assignment 2 (15%):
Design a concrete drainage system to serve the land parcel ABCD for a HDB estate
You are given a piece of land ABCD such that the distance AB is 1500m while the distance AD is 1000m.
Note that AE = FB = 745m and AG = HD = 445m
There are two roads running longitudinally (Road No 2) and transversely (Road No 1) within ABCD.
You may assume the average velocity of the water in all drains to be 0.8m
You are required to design a drainage system consisting of a series of drains to run parallel to Road No 1. and Road No. 2.
The water within ABCD is suppose to finally flow to outlet point C (with an invert level of 100.0mRL) as indicated in the figure.
For simplicity, you can assume the ground level of your land parcel ABCD to be perfectly flat with a formation level of 104.0mRL
You can
eak down the assignment into small parts and submit them to me individually
Assignment 2:
Upon completion of your drainage system design, you must indicate on the figure the following:
Location of your drains (use red color to draw the lines on the figure)
Location of summit points (label your summit points S1, S2 S3 etc) and indicate the invert level of all your summit points
on the figure
Indicate the invert level of the drains at all intersection points.
(Where the drains cross the roads, it will be in a series of rectangular culverts and you do not need to design them,
you can assume any suitable sizes and just indicate as hidden lines)
d. Show the direction of flow of the water in your drainage system.
Indicate the gradient of your drains
Shape and size of your drain.
Produce separate drawings showing the catchments of your drains.
Calculations to determine the peak flows and calculations to justify the size of the drains you are using.
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Rahul answered on Jun 03 2021
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Assignment i
Design ia iconcrete idrainage isystem ito iserve ithe iland iparcel iABCD ifor ia iHDB iestate i
You iare igiven ia ipiece iof iland iABCD isuch ithat ithe idistance iAB iis i1500m iwhile ithe idistance iAD iis i1000m. i
Note ithat iAE i= iFB i= i745m iand iAG i= iHD i= i445m i
There iare itwo iroads irunning ilongitudinally i(Road iNo i2) iand itransversely i(Road iNo i1) iwithin iABCD. i
You imay iassume ithe iaverage ivelocity iof ithe iwater iin iall idrains ito ibe i0.8m i
You iare irequired ito idesign ia idrainage isystem iconsisting iof ia iseries iof idrains ito irun iparallel ito iRoad iNo i1. iand iRoad iNo. i2. i
The iwater iwithin iABCD iis isuppose ito ifinally iflow ito ioutlet ipoint iC i(with ian iinvert ilevel iof i100.0mRL) ias iindicated iin ithe ifigure. i
For isimplicity, iyou ican iassume ithe iground ilevel iof iyour iland iparcel iABCD ito ibe iperfectly iflat iwith ia iformation ilevel iof i104.0mRL.
Upon icompletion iof iyour idrainage isystem idesign, iyou imust iindicate ion ithe ifigure ithe ifollowing:
a. iLocation iof iyour idrains i(use ired icolor ito idraw ithe ilines ion ithe ifigure) i
. iLocation iof isummit ipoints i(label iyour isummit ipoints iS1, iS2 iS3 ietc) iand iindicate ithe iinvert ilevel iof iall iyour isummit ipoints ion ithe ifigure i
c. iIndicate ithe iinvert ilevel iof ithe idrains iat iall iintersection ipoints. i(Where ithe idrains icross ithe iroads, iit iwill ibe iin ia iseries iof irectangular iculverts iand iyou ido inot ineed ito idesign ithem, iyou ican iassume iany isuitable isizes iand ijust iindicate ias ihidden ilines) i
d. iShow ithe idirection iof iflow iof ithe iwater iin iyour idrainage isystem. i
e. iIndicate ithe igradient iof iyour idrains i
f. iShape iand isize iof iyour idrain. i
g. iProduce iseparate idrawings ishowing ithe icatchments iof iyour idrains. i
h. iCalculations ito idetermine ithe ipeak iflows iand icalculations ito ijustify ithe isize iof ithe idrains iyou iare iusing.
Sol:- i
We idesign ithe ilayout i
I iam idesigning ithe idrainage isystem ifor ithe iland iparcel
Step i1: iDecide ion iyour idrainage isystem i(by idrawing ia iseries iof ilines iwith ia
ows ito iindicate iyour idrain isystem)
Step i2: iLabel ithe isummit ipoints iof iyour idrainage isystem iand ijunctions i(using inumbers)
Step i3: iDemarcate ithe icatchment iplan ifor ithe iland iparcel iAEJG i
This iis ian iestimate iand iyou ican istart iwith idiagram i1 iin ithe inext islide
iDiagram i idivides ithe icatchment iof iland iparcel iAEJG iinto icatchment iP, icatchment iQ, icatchment iR iand icatchment iS i
For icatchment iS, iyou ican...

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