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Q. What are the benefits (e.g. cultural maintenance, provision of services, etc.) and challenges (e.g. exclusion, stereotyping/prejudice, etc.) of ethnic residential concentration in the suburb of...

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Q. What are the benefits (e.g. cultural maintenance, provision of services, etc.) and challenges (e.g. exclusion, stereotyping/prejudice, etc.) of ethnic residential concentration in the suburb of Cabramatta?1. Identify the impacts of migration upon social and cultural landscapes in Sydney.2. Identify the benefits and challenges of ethnic residential concentration.3. Understand the challenges presented by migrating to a new country.4. Use photographic evidence to illustrate social and cultural processes.
essay must include three illustrative photographs (see information below). The essay should be 1,000 words (but this does not include reference list, figure captions or photograph source information).
Please see in the upload files for articles (references) and photographs (must include in the essay. and also i have uploaded samples of the structure of my essay. And Please note that the essay should be 1000 words itself without references or captions.
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David answered on Nov 26 2019
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Without any doubt migration had a positive impact on cultural, social and economic aspect of Australia. Initially migrants show great adaptability and resilience in a new ecosystem and su
oundings. They are eager to take any job or opportunity that comes across and show great zeal and hard work in the assigned task. A classic example of this would be of Fairfield which is considered as 2nd lowest state in terms of health amenities and economic infrastructure by local Australian survey bodies, but still majority of its migrant residents considers it to be the safest and most happy places to stay (according to a survey conducted by Fairfield City Council). Similar results have been observed in Ca
amatta as well. Acceptability of migrants from different culture and ethic group promotes multiculturalism, helps cu
s racism and social exclusion. Diversified cultural and ethnicity group makes any place a great learning platform for students of anthropology and international travelers. Right socio-cultural mix supports and augments economic growth of a region as well.
The general perception related to ethnic residential concertation in impoverished u
an areas is always depicted in a negative connotation. It is always assumed that community might be deprived of basic rights and are areas for improvement of socio, political and economic status (Hugo, Menzies, 1980). This could also be attributed to many studies and literatures around this topic which assumes ethnic concentrations as manifestations of societal malady. It is based on a premise that social distance equated with spatial distance. U
an social theorists have adopted typical views of assimilation and have been advocates of societal ethnic homogeneity (Dunn, 1993). And especially in regards to minority ethnic groups, it is an assumption that assimilation a residential dispersal is an end result. In many literatures and scholarly articles propinquity is considered an important component of identity retention. Some of the positive aspects of pros of ethnic regional concentration such as successful maintenance of cultural identity, remains unexplored or less talked about. It also cultivates a dynamic sense of cultural identity which in itself is a positive indicator and directs towards acceptability quotient of migrant groups by a society.
Diversity provides cheap labor resources and...

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