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Q. Explain the ideas of 'social construction' and the 'sociological imagination' and apply them to how unemployment is commonly understood as a social problem in Australian society. For this essay,...

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Q. Explain the ideas of 'social construction' and the 'sociological imagination' and apply them to how unemployment is commonly understood as a social problem in Australian society.

For this essay, focus on understanding the concept of social construction, and on giving examples of how unemployment is 'commonly' understood in Australia. Looking at mass media for example, whose fault, is it? Then apply the sociological imagination to ask if that reasoning can be challenged. Are there social factors that might better explain (and thus better help resolve) the problem of unemployment?

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Social Construction & Social Imagination
Social Construction
As per the theory of social construction, it explains that there are lot of assumptions that acts which may hamper a clear thought process and bias our judgement. Essentially, it is all about the perception of reality that is created due to different factors acting on the subject. This theory is formed from the knowledge in sociology and communication where the reality is being critically examined with the development of new information that are jointly constructed which might form the basis for the perception. This theory has been introduced as an effort to come to terms with the crux and pulse of the ground of what reality actually is and how it is assumed or perceived in general.
Underlying theory has been refe
ed from, “Grounded Theory Review”, (Andrews, T., 2012) For remodelling the grounded theory social construction has been instrumental. In an effort to make sense of the issues that exists in our society constructionists analyses knowledge which is constructed and prevails for the larger audience like issues, concerns, facts that are provided and perception so built. After that, constructionists oppose the given facts to comprehend other part of the story. Society is observed in light of subjective analysis and also in light of the objective reality. Thereby implying that a taken-for-granted reality is critically evaluated and then outcome is proposed to a wider audience. Grounded theorists comprehends information about the common beliefs that prevails wide across amongst people as they may have equitable confidence, feeling and consensual thinking which would constitutes knowledge. Essentially, to call some aspect that is constructed socially means stressing on the fact that there is significant dependence on unforeseeable aspects of our society. There are definitely a lot things and facts which are socially constructed like media, money and citizenship. It is therefore, pivotal to differentiate between claims of constructionist that are directed on the subjects and established facts and on other hand are directed on the beliefs that prevails already. This
ings out two types of claims - metaphysical and epistemic. Metaphysical claims are those which are personal creation of reality and Epistemic claim are the true rationale that are based on some belief structure in our society
Social Imagination
The sociological imagination is the exercise of being able to “think ourselves away” from the familiar routines of each day lives in order to seem to be at them with fresh, integral eyes. With reference to the principle and theory described in the book “The Sociological Imagination”, (Mills C. W., 1999) where it is explicitly described the sociological imagination as understanding of the facts and at a large being cognizant with the relationship that may exist between journey and the society at a large. The concept outlines quality of mind in relation to the history and biography between the two society. It is has become even more important to reflect on such concept since there is a need of...

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