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Purpose The purpose of this assignment is to complete a “goods and services” or “research” proposal that responds to a real-world RFP or instructor approved project scenario. Your proposal should...

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The purpose of this assignment is to complete a “goods and services” or “research” proposal that responds to a real-world RFP or instructor approved project scenario. Your proposal should include the major sections of a proposal presented in class.

By completing this assignment, the problem you are trying to solve is how best to construct a document, that makes a compelling case for your proposed solution, demonstrates professionalism and thoughtfulness, exhibits clear attention to detail and revision, and incorporates various strategies of technical communication and document design.

Criteria for Success

The “Proposal” project has no minimum word requirement. That said, it is expected that your proposal contain, at a minimum,the five major sectionsof standard proposals identified in our class discussions. For reference, those sections are:

  • Summary
  • Introduction
  • Plan of Work (or Tasks, Scope of Work, Proposed Program)
  • Budget
  • Appendixes
    • Task Schedule (Gantt Chart)
    • Evaluation Techniques

Answered Same Day Aug 12, 2021


Tanmoy answered on Aug 13 2021
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Date:     13th August, 2020-08-13
To:     The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Agricultural Research Service (ARS), Orono, ME 04469
New York, USA
From:     Zaidoon Sulaimaan    
Subject: Proposal for providing backup generator for the laboratory
The backup natural gas generator is used as a power backup to generate electricity during power cuts. The backup generator mainly operates with propane used in vehicles and methane which utilizes the underground power supply to operate. It works on the principle of an internal combustion engine where a mixture of air and fuel is used in the combustion process. As soon as the spark plug is switched on it ignites the fuel and it rotates the crankshaft. Finally, the generator alternator is discharged and it produces electricity which can enable run electrical appliances. Hence, gas generators are widely used in laboratories to increase the efficiency and safety of the work. During remorse weather conditions there may be power cuts and the laboratory work may be hampered. This is where the natural gas generator plays a vital role.
Our company will be providing a 30KW standby backup power generator with a 6 year wa
anty period. The generator is very easy to maintain and provides disassembly points for fast hassle free services. During the servicing of generator and repairing process the gas spring roof keeps the lid in position making is easier to refu
ish. Our generators provide clean and efficient power. It can also be converted from natural gas to propane gas during the installation process. The generator special feature is that it can be customized to standby generator by replacing it with cynical control devices and seats. The generator can be easily used to distribute electricity in the laboratory which can manoeuvre electrical appliances like air conditioners and other laboratory appliances. The generator’s base is co
osion resistance and is made of galvanized steel in order to resist it from co
osion and rust. The generator is layered with powder coated paints to guard it from scratch and damages. Our generator is certified and is CARB & NEMA compliant. It has also been approved by NFPA. The fuel system of our generator has been certified by EPA. The overall weight of the generator will be 1086 lbs and will have a continuous battery charging mechanism installed in it. The additional kit that will be available with the generator will be Cold weather protection kit, InfoHub, maintenance kit, remote status monitor and basic wireless monitoring system. The voltage rating will be somewhere between 120/ 240 volts. The sound decibel approved as per ISO 3744 rating is 66 decibel. The engine speed will be 3600 RPM and capacity of 128 oz. Finally, the fuel consumption of liquid propane with a 50% load will be 3.2 gallons/ hour while with a 100% loading capacity will be 4.9 gallons/ hour.
Plan of Work
The installation process will be conducted by us. The installation process will be as per the safety and standards manual. We will follow the safety...

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