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Purpose The purpose of this assignment is to analyze and revise an excerpt from an internal corporate social media guideline document. Your analysis and revision should address issues of usefulness,...

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The purpose of this assignment is to analyze and revise an excerpt from an internal corporate social media guideline document. Your analysis and revision should address issues of usefulness, clarity, ethics, and conciseness. While you should analyze the document before revising it, you must also answer a series of questions (Detailed Analysis Questions: see below) after you have finalized your document revisions.

By completing this assignment, the problem you are trying to solve is how best to revise the document so that it appropriately deals with the issue at hand, useful to employees attempting to utilize social media for company activities, and ethically consistent.


This assignment will reinforce the following skills that are necessary in professional and technical communication:

  • Analysis of information
  • Focus on important issues
  • Constructing clear and concise prose
  • Revision of pre-existing work product


Understanding audience needs and expectations is one of the most foundational components of professional and technical writing. Therefore, successful completion of this assignment requires that you consider your audience,employees at a mid-sized, for-profit company, and frame your analysis and document revision to be most successful for that audience.


Completion of this assignment should generally follow the proceeding steps:

  • Establish a calendar with deadlines for each of the major steps of the writing process that follow.
  • Review the source material (Using Social Media Guidelines ExcerptActions) multiple times to build expertise.
  • Spend time analyzing each of the major components of the document.
    • Schedule different analysis sessions for each of the different sections.
    • Focus on identifying strengths and weaknesses of each section:
      • Use the 9 Measures of Excellence (9MoEiTDActions) and Using Social Media Ethically and Legally (USMEaLActions) slidedecks/lists as resources.
    • Work on revising each section in turn based on the data you gathered during your analysis.
    • Schedule a short usability test (i.e., peer review) to receive feedback on your revisions.
    • Implement any additional changes identified during usability test.
    • Complete Detailed Analysis Questions.
    • Submit final revision of document and Detailed Analysis Questions by due date.

To give yourself the best chance of producing a successful document revisionyou will want to avoid making the following decisions. In other words,don’t do these things:

  • Wait until the day before the assignment is due to start.
  • Don’t test the document.
    • I.E., don’t go to the writing center, have peers read revised document, etc.
  • Do no specific analysis of the document prior to revising.

Criteria for Success

The Analyzing and Revising Social Media Guidelines project has no minimum word requirement. That said, it is reasonable to assume that you will add to the existing document (originally 200 words). Between revising the source document and answering the Detailed Analysis Questions you can assume writing at least 500 words, though you may certainly need more.

The revised document should be improved by utilizing the 9 Measures of Excellence and Using Social Media Ethically and Legally lists as targets.

Your intended audience for this analysis and revision areemployees at a mid-sized, for-profit company.

Students who wish to be most successful on this project will spend significant time working on understanding and analyzing the document before beginning to revise. Successful students will also conduct a small usability test (i.e., solicit feedback from others) before finalizing the document. Lastly, successful students will also spend time fully responding to the Detailed Analysis Questions in order to explain the results of their document analysis and why they made the changes they did to the source document.

Do not add additional sections to the source document.The purpose of this project is analyze and revise, not to construct a complete corporate social media policy.

Your response to the Detailed Analysis Questions (see below) should be included in the same file as your revised Social Media Guidelines document.

Lastly, your submission will be graded and commented on individually. However, some students do find rubrics useful. Therefore, the rubric at the end of this prompt is included as reference but will not be used in scoring your project.

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A) Using Social Media Ethically and Legally:
Social media is a medium or an effective tool by which we communicate with friends, colleagues which also includes official communication and also posting information about promotion or some information or one’s own ideas. This platform helps all to connect with the entire world and share information, photos, articles or other information’s. This all should be done in a way which is ethical and legal code of conduct as it is an open platform where all has an access.
i) Major ethics to be kept in mind:

a) Not to defame anyone by posting false things about someone or may also repost or share negating things about someone. Also avoid making comments about someone in social media.
) Avoid impersonating someone in the social media and using false...

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