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Procurement Evaluation Report (3500 words) - Adelaide Hills Council You have been contracted to advise the Adelaide Hills Council based on your knowledge and expertise in strategic procurement...

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Procurement Evaluation Report (3500 words) - Adelaide Hills Council

You have been contracted to advise the Adelaide Hills Council based on your knowledge and expertise in strategic procurement (particularly public procurement). Upon a review of the structure of local government in Australia, you have identified the following interesting facts from the Australian Local Government Association website (

  • There are 537 councils Australia-wide. Of these, around 60% to 70% are regional or rural councils.
  • Local government employs 187,600 people which is nearly 10% of the total public sector (as at June 2018).
  • Local government’s total annual expenditure is $35.9 billion XXXXXXXXXX).
  • The sector’s major expenditure items include housing and community amenities (24.3%), and transport and communications (21.5% XXXXXXXXXX).
  • Local roads add up to around 662,000kms in length XXXXXXXXXXThis is approximately 75% of the total national road length – enough to circle the earth 16.5 times.
  • The value of local roads infrastructure in 2018 was $136.4 billion.
  • The replacement cost of local government land and fixed assets supporting the various economic (e.g. roads, buildings, water supply, etc.) and social services (e.g. health, welfare services, etc.) is in the order of $426 billion XXXXXXXXXX).

Roles and responsibilities
Constitutional responsibility for local government lies with State and territory governments. Consequently, the roles and responsibilities of local government differ from State to State. Local government services cross all areas and can include:

  • infrastructure and property services, including local roads, bridges, footpaths, drainage, waste collection and management
  • provision of recreation facilities, such as parks, sports fields and stadiums, golf courses, swimming pools, sport centres, halls, camping grounds and caravan parks
  • health services such as water and food inspection, immunisation services, toilet facilities, noise control and meat inspection and animal control
  • community services, such as childcare, aged care and accommodation, community care and welfare services
    building services, including inspections, licensing, certification and enforcement
  • planning and development approval
  • administration of facilities, such as airports and aerodromes, ports and marinas, cemeteries, parking facilities and street parking
  • cultural facilities and services, such as libraries, art galleries and museums
  • water and sewerage services
  • other services, such as abattoirs, sale-yards and group purchasing schemes.

Although local Councils are responsible to the various State Governments, they operate largely independently i.e. each Council essentially purchases its own goods and services. These are for local needs with specific requirements as well as common/public goods and services (see list above).

Your task is to advise the Adelaide Hills Council on how to consolidate its expenditure to achieve substantial and effective savings (e.g. bulk purchasing, council’s need for less staff perhaps, etc.) that could be redirected to other important community needs.

You are required to submit a 3500-word ( +/- 10%) strategic plan outlining your ideas and recommendations. Specifically, it is an opportunity for you to apply the concepts, models and/or theories learnt in this course (e.g. Procurement lifecycle model, Kraljic Procurement model, e-procurement, buyer-supplier relationships, network theory, SRM, BSR etc.) and their application to the procurement strategy as well as the expected benefit for the Council.

You are required to use at least TEN sources of references including at least SIX journal articles. The preferred method of referencing is the UniSA Harvard Referencing system within context. An omission to include the required journal articles or incorrect use of the UniSA Harvard referencing system will result in a failure for the Referencing component. (Also note that your Executive Summary is inclusive of the 3500 word count).
Requirements for Assessment 2:
Use Arial Font size 12 with 1.5 line spacing.
Reference list on a separate page.
Use the UniSA Harvard style of referencing only.
Do NOT use footnotes.
Print word count at the end of your assignment after the recommendations section.
Include your name and student ID as a header on each page.
Number each page.
Do not include anyCover Page or Feedback form in your submission.
Marking criteria and standards
Marks will be awarded for:
- relevance of your answer to the question
- originality and creative thought
- up-to-date research with the topic
- clarity of expression
- supporting documentation for arguments
- correct documentation and use of at least TEN sources of references including SIX academic journal articles
- logical planning and sequence
- use of inclusive language
- overall presentation, including correct grammar, spelling and punctuation
- comprehensive coverage reflecting engagement with readings, texts and other relevant materials.
Content Page (2 marks)
1-page Executive Summary(10 marks)
Introduction (8 marks)
Application of theory and/or concepts learnt in the course (40 marks)
Strategic Plan recommended for Adelaide Hills Council (20 marks)
English Expression (10 marks)
Referencing (10 marks)
TOTAL 100 marks

Please also refer to the Feedback proforma for details

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Executive summary
The proposal is based on the analysis and understanding of the way in which the Australian government and local councils work for the development of the society and the local peoples. The proposal paper in this case is based on facts and figures collected by analysing the strategic reports of the council and the evaluation of these statistics. Through the proposal various strategies would be recommended to the Adelaide Hill council for making strategic moves in line with the long term goals of the country. The Research proposal is based on analysis and recommendation on the role and responsibilities of every department in Adelaide hill council.
Table of contents
Introduction to the paper    4
Background of Scenario    4
Overview of the savings strategy    4
Theories learnt in model    6
Applications of the arguments in the developed strategies    9
Conclusion    11
References    13
Introduction to the Pape
In Australia, at present more or less 537 councils that work under the intervention and monitoring of the national and state governments of Australia. They are mainly committed towards the development of the local-based people concerning the areas of local road development, new construction like
idges, footpaths, waste collection, drainage collection, golf courses, and swimming pools and so on. Though they are officially committed towards the state government, they mostly work independently. However, for the better running of such councils, they need to lower down the unnecessary costs and consolidate the funds. Hence, in this proposal paper as the consultant, a proposal will be provided to the Adelaide Hills council, one of the rural boards of Australia on the strategic procurement that can initiate the development of the local area under the intervention of the committee with a very apposite and consolidated budget. Some set of theories will also be present within the ambit of the discussion.
Background of the Scenario
The strategic sourcing or strategic procurement is a process that is involved in the process of improving the purchasing activities of any organisation. For any public sector organisation, like the Adelaide Hills Council, it is also essential for such organisations to initiate some organisational purchasing for the developmental process that is imperative for the people who are caretaker this council. In this present paper, as a contracted expert a detailed set of recommendations will be provided to the management of the Adelaide Hills Councils so that they can consolidate their unnecessary expenditures to achieve substantial and compelling savings that will help the council to invest on the community needs. Hence, several proposals will be provided to the board by which the additional costs can be mitigated, and high quality of development can be enforced with those curtailed funds.
Overview of the savings strategy
In this section, a set of savings strategies will be discussed, and these strategies will immensely work for the Adelaide Hills Council. The ways by which these strategies will help the Adelaide Hills Council will also be discussed in detail.
Bulk Purchasing
Among several saving strategies, the strategy of bulk purchasing is one of the best-suited strategies that can immensely work for the Adelaide Hills Council. Bulk Purchasing is the process of purchasing large quantities of products that are usual. It is one of the best-suited saving strategies as when any consumer buys anything in bulk, and then the unit price of the purchase becomes less than usual (Lestari, Rahayuningsih & Irmawati, 2018).
The hill council of Adelaide has to buy several commodities that range food products, child and old care products, road construction raw materials like stone chips, cement, sand and other materials. Apart from this road, cleaning equipment is also under the purchasing list of Adelaide Hills Council. Hence, the management of the organisation is needed to prepare a budget and expected list before the purchase and then purchases such items in bulk. It will help the council to buy the products with some discounts on the price as compared to the general price level. Hence, the additional funds that may be consolidated due to this may be invested for the community needs and developmental initiatives.
Lesser Employees
For the management and development of the community at the local level employees are imperative, and these employees under the council work as the public sector employees. Hence in many instances, what happens is even in the same job profile the same employees are employed, and as a result, the workload of the employees becomes very less. However, the costs of the employer augment, as they have to pay salary to all the employees i
espective of their workload.
Thus, if the management of the Adelaide Hills Council can execute the works based on technology and few highly efficient employees, then it could have been easier to save funds based on the employee salary and those consolidated funds can be invested for the community development of the Adelaide Hills Council areas.
Preparing of Budget for any activity
For any apposite monetary use, the budget plan is one of the most effective ways that help to prioritise the expenditure and maintain a balance between spending and saving. Budget apart from this is also aimed at an overview of the available stocks and to get an idea about the most required products (Asogwa & Etim, 2017). Hence, if the management of the Adelaide Hills Council can frame a budgetary committee to curtail the additional unnecessary costs, then it will help to cut down the unnecessary costs and invest those funds for the community development programs. It will also help the council to make the quality of the services and products of the committee uncompromised and offer all the services at meagre costs (Zweni & Jowah, 2017).
Appointment of Local Individuals in council work
If the local individuals who can read and write can be recruited voluntarily for the work of the council, then it can serve dual purposes. The first purpose will be to fulfil the skills and the talents of the local populace. If they can be provided basis remuneration, then they will be happy, and it will execute the commitment of the council towards the locals. The second issue will be the board will be free from appointing employees on those voluntary posts permanently. Hence, the locals can be provided jobs at the public sector on the contract basis, and for this, the local populace will also be happy. Apart from this, the saved funds can be used for several purposes.
Increasing Teleconferencing
Though this strategy is entirely based on the technological model, however at present in this era of immense progress of science and technology, the augmentation of the scopes of teleconferencing is one of the best-suited models that can help the Adelaide Hill Council to decrease the unnecessary costs (Gotsch et al., 2018). In this, if the reliance of the works of the councils can be made web cameras and computer-based with the video conferencing, then it will reduce the needs of the administrative travels of the bureaucrats of the board for the monitoring and vigilance at the sub-council offices.
It will further help the council to make this internal administrative activity technologically controlled. Therefore, the consolidated funds will be used for the local area and community development issues. Hence, these are some of the essential fund savings that are expected to work for the council highly. Because of it, the local community development can be initiated enormously.
Theories learnt in the model
In this section, a set of approaches will be discussed in details that are highly instrumental regarding the enrichment of the present paper. The...

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