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Your task is to write a report that compares and contrasts how Energy sustainability and Water sustainabality have been addressed in Australia in comparision to an overseas country of your choice.Your...

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Your task is to write a report that compares and contrasts how Energy sustainability and Water sustainabality have been addressed in Australia in comparision to an overseas country of your choice.Your report should have the following sections:

Step 1- You should report the following types of actions regarding energy sustainabality both in Australia and your country of choice:

Government regulation of the country regarding energy and water sustainability
Key scientific research and technological innovation of the country

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Comparative study of Energy Sustainability in Australia & New Zealand
Australia has made great efforts in developing its renewable energy resources like water, wind, bio and solar energy to a great extent. They have quantified and expanded the energy resources which include transport fuel, thermal energy and electric energy.
In order to meet the growing needs of total energy consumption, Australia has increasingly set up various renewable power plants for generation of renewable electricity on a large scale. There are about 50 ongoing wind and solar projects which are expected to complete by the end of this year. And on an estimate they are expected to produce sufficient electricity to illuminate 90% of the homes in Australia.
Australian government has implemented Government Energy Policy (since 2001) as a mandatory scheme to promote large scale renewable electricity production, after an elaborate analytical study of climate change concerns. The government aims at making the country independent in terms of its energy needs and supply. In addition to it, there are many small scale Renewable energy policies run by the govt. to support electricity production based on solar power.
In 2014 the A
ott govt. established Emission Reduction Fund to reduce the emission of Green house gases in the country. The Fund promoted large scale emitters to increase energy efficiency by investing in sustainable energy. The govt. started the scheme in 2012 to control large scale emissions through industries. The industries which used to emit more than 25 thousand tones of greenhouse gases per year had to obtain emission permits and to pay revenue in form of Ca
on tax. This revenue was a supplement to the funding provided by government to finance renewable energy projects (Queensland govt. 2012).
Australia is planning to switch completely on renewable sources of energy by constructing additional power plants with the help of private and public sector investments and supportive government policies (Akmal,et al, 2015). They are substantially increasing transmission infrastructure and many energy enhancing efficiency measures.
· New Zealand though being small in area, is highly compatible in its efficient renewable energy projects, works in development of Bio-fuel, Biomass, Geothermal, Solar, and wind power to generate electricity.
· Australia uses 36% of energy resources (other than hydro-power) whereas New Zealand uses only 20% resources (other than hydro-power) in electricity production.
· Being much larger in area and population, Australia has many more successful power plants installations when compared to New Zealand.
· Despite having rich natural resources and small population, New Zealand imports Oil and Petroleum from other countries.
· New Zealand is primarily dependent on Non renewable resources of energy whereas Australia is mostly dependent on renewable Energy sources.
· Consumption of energy in form of Oil products, gas and electricity is higher in Australia ( in tonnes per person) than New Zealand.
· New Zealand is lower Ca
on dioxide emitter in terms of electricity generation, than Australia.
Government Regulations regarding Energy Sustainability
According to Wikipedia, the Government of Australia has started many schemes to regulate energy sustainability in the country like:
1. Mandatory Renewable Energy Target Scheme (MRET)
2. Ca
on Tax
3. Renewable Energy Certificate Registry...

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