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CamScanner XXXXXXXXXX CamScanner XXXXXXXXXX Marking Criteria Assignment 2 (Individual Reflection Report) STUDENT NAME: Criteria Marks Critical Thinking: Application, analysis and evaluation of the...

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Marking Criteria Assignment 2 (Individual Reflection Report)
    Critical Thinking:
Application, analysis and evaluation of the ideas presented and the implications
Arguments are clear and show insight into theoretical issues and how they are applied
Arguments are supported by reference to materials covered in course.
Well-developed connections between content and thoughts, ideas, feelings, opinions , reactions and details,
Demonstrates evidence of personal reflection
Describes personal application and responses to concepts discussed
Provides comment on the personal implications (including for future business roles)
Well written, clear organization, grammar, Properly referenced where required
Reflections are clearly relevant, and limited to chosen themes
    Total marks


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Table of Contents
Demonstration of the understanding of the corporate social responsibility    3
Application of the CSR the potential future management    4
Implications of these themes in the personal level    6
Demonstration of critical thinking in these reflections    7
References    8
Demonstration of the understanding of the corporate social responsibility
For the performance of this project, corporate social responsibility has been chosen by me. Corporate social responsibility is one kind of international business regulation which is helping in the performance of private business operations. The primary aim of this corporate social responsibility is the delivery of its societal goals of the philanthropic nature to support the organisational activities. Within this context, it can be mentioned that this CSR also helps in the maintenance of the activist, charitable and supporting nature within the performances of the private as well as government organisations (Wang & Sarkis, 2017). Before having a clear view regarding this regulation, I thought that corporate social responsibility is only thinking regarding the development of the company. But in the cu
ent context with the adoption of the viewpoint of the CSR it is observed that this strategy is offering international business strategy to the business companies or it delivers the corporate ethical strategy to the business companies for the performances of their overall business operations in the local or in the international context of business.
In the modern-day content of business, it is observed that with the passing of time laws and regulations that are associated with the subunits are also changed. The changing process of the business laws and regulations helped me to recognise that every business company on the global business market is using their authority in order to push their business performances beyond the individuals (Albuquerque, Koskinen & Zhang, 2019). This process helps me to analyse that corporate social responsibility is the major parameter in the business as this strategy allows the business companies to push their business performances in the industry in which they are operating their business based on wide initiatives. This process helped me to have a clear understanding of the pushing process of business activities beyond individual strength. Over the last decades, business organisations are using this CSR strategy for the essay, and successful performances of their business operations as this strategy helps them to move the essential voluntary decision towards the organisational decision-making process. Therefore I also viewed that maintenance of corporate social responsibility is one of the basic patterns that every business company has to maintain at the time of performing their businesses actions within the context of the regional, national and international business level.
Within the analysis of the CSR strategy, I noticed that within the organisational level CSR is noted as the strategic initiatives that deliver its strong contributions in the maintenance of the reputation of every
and (Dyck, Lins, Roth & Wagner, 2019). This process denoted that corporate responsibility in the business performances are initiated for the achievement of success in the business model that the business organisations are already implementing in the performances of their business activities in the global and regional business contexts. In the business, context companies are performing corporate social responsibilities in their performances for the regulation of their actions based on the maintenance of the ethical aspects. This process taught me that ethical issues of every business are managed within the business performances of the companies through the meeting of regulatory requirements based on the adoption of CSR. The actions that are performed in the business activities through the use of the CSR are appearing to do some social good beyond the maintenance of the interest of the organisations.
With the use of the CSR strategy, overall business activities can emerge in strategic perspectives. In the modern-day context of business employees and the customers are planning their activities in the achievement of premium results, and they are also spending their money within the business for prioritising...

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