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PORTFOLIO TASK</w:sdtpr> </w:sdt> Week 7-9: Writing your argumentative essay</w:sdtpr> </w:sdt> Using the same process you did for the first body paragraph, <b...

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Week 7-9: Writing your argumentative essay

Usingthe same process you did for the first body paragraph, complete your essay below.

(900words: +/- 10%)

The NHS should beprivatised. Discuss

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Soumi answered on Mar 05 2020
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    Week 7-9: Writing your argumentative essay
Using the same process, you did for the first body paragraph, complete your essay below.
(900 words: +/- 10%)
    The NHS should be privatised. Discuss
The National Health Service (NHS) is an organisation, run publicly though taxes in England that provides majorly free healthcare services, clinical and medical interventions to all legal citizens of the country, i
espective of their cultural, economic, educational, religious, demographical backgrounds or ethnicity. It was established in 1948 under the Department of Health, intending to serve all without any bias, so that they can avail a better standard of life. The cu
ent essay embodies the discussion on the statement if the NHS should be privatised, which has been judged from both positive and negative perceptions to take a decisive stand.
Discussion on if the NHS should be privatised or not
The NHS has been providing almost all the healthcare services for free so far, because they have had the view that healthcare is a fundamental right of every individual, living in England (GOV.UK, 2017). On the other hand, the healthcare system of the US is privatised, which implies that they are funded privately by the sponsors, private organisations and not the government (Iliffe and Bourne, 2017). Therefore, comparing with the US, the UK has been always viewed in the light if they too should consider privatising the NHS. A comparison of its advantages and disadvantages can clarify if the privatisation is a necessary as well as beneficial step for all the NHS, along with that for the English citizens or not.
According to Greener (2016), one of the advantages of privatising the NHS could be the enhancement of its
and image. Since, the funds through privatisation could be more than what NHS receives cu
ently from the taxation system, therefore, it can overall increase the image of NHS from business perspective largely, thus, providing it with a better market and more revenues. This could further lead to an increase in the scope for more private firms and sponsors to invest in such a lucrative project. As mentioned by Klein (2015), more private firms and investors prefer investing into businesses that have a strong
and image. Besides, there is also the advantage of the increased salary of the employees, due to more funding. As indicated by Miller and Powell (2014), more amount of monetary inputs made into an...

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