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Politics of the USA, I will include the essay questions and you can choose the one you want to do and I will send relevant files.

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Politics of the USA, I will include the essay questions and you can choose the one you want to do and I will send relevant files.
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Anju Lata answered on Apr 26 2020
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How does Trump’s leadership style differ from previous Presidents? Discuss
y comparing Trump with two previous presidents.
The essay identifies the main points of Trump Presidency and analyzes how his regime is different from last two Presidents. The work elaborates the views of Obama and Trump with their Foreign policies, domestic policies, initial experience of 100 days tenure, electoral speech, effective plans and the life before acquiring Presidency.
Keywords: President, electoral, policies, foreign, plans etc.
How does Trump’s leadership style differ from previous Presidents?
Due to emerging role of parties and ideological and issue based politics in US, the role of President has become more challenging(Whitehouse,n.d.). For many Presidents it has been a problem to govern the country in absence of any unifying forces in the party. The three Presidents George Bush, Obama and Trump joined the Presidency in different political conditions. They had completely different personalities. Bush joined the job when the country was facing greatest challenges from Ai
orne te
orist attacks on Pentagon and World trade centre, he also witnessed the war on te
or in Iraq. Obama was the first African American to become the President of US. He had reserved values based on education and a hardworking personality (Dom
owski and Reich,2017). Though Trump was not a traditional politician, he won the election of 45th Presidency of United States on the ideology of being opposite or contrary to the ideas of Mr.B.Obama, the previous President of the United States.  Thus, the three Presidents of United States, were opposite and contrast in their vision on the issues like immigration, domestic policies, foreign policies, individual rights,  economy, foreign trade, diplomacy, taxes, investments, and security.  
At the starting of presidential campaign, the groups who supported Trump were white people having no high school diploma, ethnic and religious minority groups, marginal and disadvantaged sections, people who held immigration to be responsible for te
orism, people who believed that most of the American Jobs were stolen by immigrants, and the people who were tired of co
upt and weak ruling class (Frost and Sullivan,2016).
All ideas and programs of Obama led Democrat Party were strongly opposed by Donald Trump during the campaign of presidency election, though his counteraction to his unique personality gained the trust of the voters.  In the campaign, he opposed Barack Obama and his policies,  won the confidence of needy people who felt marginalized, proposed tough changes and ensured the population as a whole that he would make America Great again. The sexist comment of Trump on women and his public behavior casts doubt on his relations with his wife.   The Americans wanted and needed change after eight years of Obama administration. That is why the anti Obama was selected as 45th President of the United States of America by the American population (Lamont,Park and Hurtado,2018).
Before being elected as president, Trump was a quite famous face of America, a billionaire, and a big name in TV reality show named “You are Fired”. His cele
ity image is a big reason for his success as a leader. His statements on immigration, racism, Islam and questionable image in women made him on controversy stage. All these things indulged him in numerous media coverage and success.  It is strongly believed that reason for winning the elections of presidency was not happy enough. Many people have been criticizing and blaming the election results. The negative attention gained by Trump is quite obvious(Lamont et al,2018).
Donald Trump and Barack Obama are having their own views and beliefs on certain issues as on individual rights, domestic policies, foreign policies, immigration, and economy.  Both the candidates are from different historical opposition parties.  Obama is from Democrat Party and Trump is from Republican Party.  Obama is medium liberal and Trump is slightly more Tory (very conservative in some cases).
Individual Right and Democratic Policy
 It was believed by Ba
ack Obama that “abortion is a woman’s unrestricted right” but Donald Trump does not so; However both support same-sex ma
iages.  In contrast to Donald Trump, Barack Obama strongly supported woman’s rights. Donald Trump is in favor of gun ownership while Barack Obama wanted to limit the right of gun ownership. Ba
ack Obama promoted the Obama Care but Donald Trump wants to repeal it. Barak Obama believed in climate change and gave strong priority to green energy as opposite to fossil fuels but Donald Trump supports the climate change and the use of fossil fuels and withdrawal from Paris Agreement (Lamont et al,2018).   Obama opened immigration-3 policy. As a result millions of people deported during his president ship, while Trump is strongly against illegal immigration and promised to build a wall on the Mexican border. Trump wants to privatize social security while Obama was against the Privatization.  Obama had proposed a plan to give citizenship to illegal immigrants while Trump wants to deport them all. Obama devised the increased taxes for rich people but Trump ensured the largest cuts in taxes for everyone in the US. However, both the leaders agreed on maintaining God(religion) in the central public sphere(Lamont et al,2018).
Foreign Policy
Obama favored and supported the expansion of free trade while Trump encouraged bipartite agreements on priority rather than trade deals. Obama refused to expand military while Trump promoted the investment in security sector to strengthen the US Military.US interventionism was opposed by Obama although it involved him in several wars and held him accountable for many military operations while in Trump’s view, the  military power of US has to be used to prove America’s supremacy(if necessary).                
 As per Trump and his supporters, nothing was done by Obama to stop te
orism and violation of extremists while Trump signed two different executive orders to prevent people from six Muslim majority countries to enter the United States. 
Experience of first 100 days in the office as a newly elected President, was very critical time for both Obama and Trump, for adjustment of the government. Both the leaders spent these 100 days doing very different things. 29 laws (total 133 pages) were signed by Trump while 14 laws (total 1602 pages) were signed by Obama. Total 30 executive orders (with two travel bans) were signed by Trump while 19 executive orders were signed by Obama. Trump kept his mind busy on domestic...

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