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Deliver a contemporary online presence for Devonport as a destination to enhance the visitor experience and increase visitation. For instance – increase awareness of local events, attractions,...

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Deliver a contemporary online presence for Devonport as a
destination to enhance the visitor experience and increase
visitation. For instance – increase awareness of local events,
attractions, accommodation, eateries, shopping etc.
 Explore the digital presence and access associated with a
destination website. What platforms and aligned social media
presence should it sit on? Should there be a mobile app associated
with the site?
 Explain how the site aligns with the regional destination website
(Tasmania’s North West) and Tourism Tasmania website.
 Explore the option of including a retail presence as part of this site,
eg Mainstreets/Chapel Street etc. Or would this have more impact
as a standalone site?

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David answered on Dec 27 2019
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    There are various organizations that are operating their businesses through digital marketing activities to promote and increase growth successfully. Although the majority of businesses involved in the digital marketing are not sure about the effectiveness of their cu
ent digital marketing strategy. At this stage, it is necessary to audit the digital marketing of the organization or business to confirm its cu
ent position in the market that is working effectively or not (Kingsnorth, 2016). Additionally, digital marketing audit assists to understand the strength and value of the different channels that exists online.
    In this consideration, this paper is taken to conduct digital marketing audit and plan a Destination Website for Devonport. Further, this paper is also associated to conduct an analysis of the Devonport City Council’s Website and its cu
ent digital marketing strategy in order to identify any problems and issues. The exploration of the opportunity for a Destination Website for Devonport is also conducted to provide information specifically for the visitors to Devonport. In this study, managerial recommendations would also be made in order to show how to refine the cu
ent digital marketing plan of the organization. There would be also some description about the ways to implement the recommended digital marketing plan of the organization and ways to monitor its outcomes.
Situation Analysis
    The Devonport City Council is a government organization of the Australia that specifically controls or governs the city of Devonport that is the area of Tasmania and a destination of beautiful tourism place. Devonport standalone tourism website no longer exists and is now integrated with the regional tourism website known as the Tasmania’s North West.
At the same time, the present situation of the digital marketing strategy of the Destination Devonport Website has included several factors or aspects to influence visitors or tourists in Australia. In this aspect, a Devonport Events Facebook page has been created that is hosted by the Devonport City Council effectively and efficiently. Apart from this, the Devonport City Council also manages a Devonport Tas Instagram in the digital marketing strategy to promote tourist destination of the Devonport that is the area of Tasmania. It can also be identified that Twitter feed is also a part of digital marketing strategy of the organization to provide benefits as making re-
and of the Destination Devonport Website.
The digital marketing campaign is based on flowing regional tourism in Australia that is the central platform of Australia. Therefore, the regional website and Facebook or Instagram are taken as increasing visitors relevant to the food products and other services. The cu
ent situation of the digital marketing is also based on providing the retail in destination marketing to attract visitors towards Destination Devonport that is merit to expand the business of tourism industry. Giving additional benefits to the Destination Devonport Website of the organization, digital marketing strategy of the organization has included additional benefits to the visitors.
However, this organization is facing problems or issues in the digital marketing strategy that can be seen as a lack of accuracy of information and less matching physical sign on the Web site. The other issues in digital marketing strategy can be assumed as the presence of a huge number of Websites for the Northwest area of Tasmania. Most of the Web sites are out of date that fails to attract more visitors for the Destination of Devonport.
Objective Setting
    Specific: The objective of the organization helps to set up essential target to achieve specific goals of the Destination Website for the Devonport. It is decided to deliver a contemporary online presence for Devonport (Kingsnorth, 2016). This objective is linked to provide a final destination in order to increase or enhance the visitor experience. The visitor experience helps to increase visitation on the regular basis in the organization.
Measurable: In the digital marketing strategy, the setting of the objective can be assumed as increasing awareness when local events occur, and attract more visitors to the destination of Devonport. It is also decided to accommodate, and eateries, as well as shopping at the destination to influence tourists (Kingsnorth, 2016). At the same time, in the objective setting, it is also decided to explore the digital presence of the organization and measure its success compared with a previous digital market strategy.
Achievable: The destinations of the Devonport and ways to access associated with a destination website are decided to focus towards well structured design to influence the people. Apart from this, there should be a suitable platform and alignment of the social media presence in the digital marketing strategy to cover a wide area of the world and visitors. Although in the objective of the digital marketing improvement a mobile app would be considered with the Website effectively and efficiently.
Relevant: The objective of the digital marketing strategy can decide to explain different ways of the Website alignment. It would be relevant to the Destination Website for Devonport by upgrading contents and other features (Kingsnorth, 2016). The regional destination of the Tasmania website, such as Tasmania’s North West and Tourism Tasmania website needed to make very effective to avoid confusion of the visitors about the selection and visit. The cu
ent digital marketing strategy also required to set up accuracy in the Website regarding information choices. It is essential to motivate visitors through selective information of the destination to create a positive impression.
Time-oriented: In the time-oriented objective of the digital marketing, the changes could be made within six months in which some specific strategy can...

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