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Abr Writing answered on Apr 23 2020
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    Question 13.22
    Internal auditors
    The auditors wants to know whether the average daily collection of teams are dramaticaaly different or not.
    Data collected on 200 randomly selected days of receipts (100 days for each team)
    Team one has an average of 472 while standard deviation is 180
    Team two has an average of 475 while standard deviation is 172
    Pooled Standard E
or= (pooled S.D)(Square root of (1/one sample size + 1/two sample size) = (176.4018)square root 0.02 = 24.947
    t = mean of team one - mean of team two / pooled S.E = 472 - 475 /24.947 = -0.1202
    From the t table, -0.1202 lies at 0% confidence level having ignored the negative sign. Which is between 0.0 roughly 0.0% and 0.50 roughly 50%
    0%< p(t> -0.1202)< 50% therefore null hyphothesis cannot be ignored.
    therefore, daily collection totals for the city's two collection teams are not dramatically different.
    Question 13.23
    Director of the Wisconsin Department of Business
    The directors is looking for ways to improve employee productivity.
    50 employees are selected and gathers data on the percentage of applications.
    These employees completes a 3-day workshop in PSRT after that their data on percentage of application were collected.
    Employees has an average score of 94.64 while standard deviation is 2.497 before workshop
    Employees has an average score of 95.98 while standard deviation is 2.607 after workshop
    Score difference has an average of -1.34 with standard deviation is 1.493
    Standard E
or= S.D/Square root of sample size = 1.493 /...

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