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These business research topics are listed purely as examples to give you some ideas for your research project. You can nominate any topic of interest to you (not just from the list below). For your...

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These business research topics are listed purely as examples to give you some ideas for your research project. You can nominate any topic of interest to you (not just from the list below). For your topic approval (assignment 1) submission in week 5, please see the detailed assignment instruction.
1.    Air quality and
2.    Challenges related to Leading Global Teams
3.    Protecting endangered wild-life (specify the species and the region of the world)
4.    How online learning is changing expectations of students in and out of the classroom
5.    Outsourcing Business Functions
6.    Dealing with seasonal fluctuations in demand (in a chosen industry)
7.    Business Innovation Through Open Data
8.    Challenges in Cyber Security for Business
9.    Overcoming the effects of Covid19 in business
10.    Business Coaching as an Enabler of Business Growth and Development
Task one - Not more than 1200 words for the Topic Approval
Assignment Structure should be as the following:
1. Say why this topic interests you.
2. Discuss your initial search for relevant literature and show that it has provided you with a good contextual understanding
3. Define the Research Problem that you intend to address (as you see it, so far)
4. Propose at least ONE research question that you will be seeking to answer through your research project (additional questions may be defined as you progress with this unit)
Task two - Report on Literature Review At least 2500 words for the Literature Review
Assignment Structure should be the following:
1. An opening statement of the Research Problem and research Question(s) – these should now be more detailed than what you had in your Topic Approval.
2. Discussion of major theories, models or streams of influence around this topic. This provides your lecturer with evidence that you have gone deeper than your initial search now to find literature that leads you toward answering your research question
3. Draw the reader’s attention to any contrasting views expressed in prior research in this area and give your view of how differing opinions can be
ought together to help answer the research question and ultimately resolve the research problem. [the more comprehensive your literature review, the better. Whatever you do NOT find out in this literature review will leave you with more work to do when you move to the next part of the project, i.e. methodology]
4. Report how it has
ought you closer to an answer to your research question(s).
5. Ensure all in text citations are co
ectly referenced.
6. Add a comprehensive List of References, in Harvard referencing style. [Students please be warned that e
ors in referencing attract suspicion of plagiarism/academic misconduct and may require detailed investigation, prompting a request for further information from you regarding your sources. It is always essential that academic integrity is upheld and any
each thereof may lead to a mark of ZERO and a report of academic misconduct. Don’t take a chance!]
7. Append a statement indicating ‘who wrote which sections of this report’
Task three - Report on Research Design and Methodology (including statement of ‘who wrote which sections’) 2500 words (plus revised literature review
Assignment Structure should be as the following:
1. Introduction (an edited and adjusted version of your topic approval) including a justification for your research question(s).
2. A detailed research methodology addressing the qualitative-quantitative debate, hypothesis (if appropriate), additional secondary data, proposed primary data sample size and sampling approach, questionnaire design factors (include some sample questions), data collection method, envisaged analysis and interpretation.
3. A summary of your findings OR what you would expect to find
4. A conclusion (relating back to your original research problem and question(s))
5. List of references in Harvard style (only for sources mentioned in this submission)
6. The appended statement of ‘Who Wrote What’
Task four - Assignment 4 - Reflective Journal At least 1200 words
Assignment Structure should be as the following:
1. My personal contribution to the topic selection, problem definition, research question, writing of topic approval submission, and team charter. How I experienced this and what I learnt from it.
2. My personal contribution to the literature review report, i.e. search process, summarising of relevant articles, designing the outline/argument/structure of the literature review, writing up the literature review. How I experienced this and what I learnt from it.
3. My personal contribution to the research methodology report, i.e. my role in discussions about methods, sampling, questionnaire design, data collection, analysis and interpretation. How I experienced this and what I learnt from it.
4. My reflections on the research experience, insights I gained, and any issues, struggles, challenges, synergies I experienced, individually and in the teamwork.
5. Include a statement indicating which sections of this research project (that you personally wrote) provided you with opportunities to learn about Business Research.
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Table of Contents
Introduction    3
Contribution and Experience of Topic Approval Submission    3
Contribution and Experience of Literature Review    4
Contribution and Experience of Research Methodology    5
Overall Experience    5
Conclusion    6
References    7
I worked dedicatedly on this business research report titled “Overcoming the Effects of Covid-19 In Business”. This project has not only provided me with ample opportunities to showcase my dedication towards the project but has also helped me to maintain high levels of enthusiasm throughput the project. I have put in a large number of efforts to analyse the research topic along with the research variables closely associated with the topic. Throughout the research, I have made tremendous efforts to keep the research close to the aim and objectives to ensure that the research that the research is not diverted from the right track.
Contribution and Experience of Topic Approval Submission
My critical thinking skills and my abilities to make informed decisions has helped me to turn this research into a huge success. I selected the topic of research based on my interests. I felt that it will be a good option to discuss about the effects and their counter measures that COVID-19 has caused on businesses. The topic seemed to be relevant to the present-day scenario and therefore, gra
ed my attention. I personally felt that it is good to go for a topic that shall reflect the challenges being faced by the business organisations during the pandemic and what effect will it have on businesses in the long-term. I believed that analysing this will further assist to come up with methods, measures and techniques that can be adopted to help businesses come back to their normal track. I chose to go for this topic as this is relevant to most of the business organisations in cu
ent context and ample of real-time and secondary data was available on the topic to make this research more informative.
As far as defining the problem statement is to be considered, I focused on defining the problem statement in the light of the research topic variable. The problem statement that I have defined for this research takes on a holistic approach. While framing the research questions, I focused on research topic variables and ensured that I can talk about each one of them while finding answers to these research questions. In addition to this, while writing the topic approval submission; my primary focus was to present the topic in clear and comprehensive manner. I also invested...

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