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Research Project (KAP001) Assignment 1: Literature review Total marks: 100 Personal ID: [Enter your Personal ID] I have read the Assignment Guide in the ‘General assessment information’ and have...

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Research Project
Assignment 1: Literature review
Total marks: 100
    Personal ID:
    [Enter your Personal ID]
I have read the Assignment Guide in the ‘General assessment information’ and have applied the word count principles to my work.
    My word count for this assignment is:
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    Your assignment should be loaded into KapLearn by 11.30 pm AEST on the due date
    I have completed my assignment using Word.
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i, Arial, Times New Roman or Verdana fonts.
    I have added my Personal ID on this page.
    I have added my word count on this page.
    I have added my Personal ID in front of the filename in the footer on the second page.
    I have saved the file to be uploaded as PersonalID_KAP001_AS1_v4.
    Each question of my assignment is within the word limit guidelines for that question as per the ‘General assessment information’ (Assessment Assignment General assessment information).
    My assignment file size is no larger than 2 MB.
    If tables were required, they are visible as text, not as links or images.
    I have not removed the marking grid from the footer.
    I have submitted my assignment as per the instructions in KapLearn.
Marker feedback
Comment on overall performance:
    For marker use only.
Instructions to students
•    This assignment covers Topics 1 to 3 and accounts for 30% of your final grade.
•    There is one (1) question in this assignment. You should answer all parts of the question.
•    Marks are awarded for research effort and referencing.
•    The overall word limit for the assignment is 2,600 words. Marks will only be awarded for answers up to the word limit (plus 10%) for each question. Any material written after this will not be counted towards your mark for the question. Headings, quotes and references within the body of the answer are included in the word count. Numerical tables, calculations and reference lists are not included. For more information on word counts and their rationale, go to Assessment Assignment General assessment information.
•    Please use double spacing, set line spacing at 1.5 lines, use 12 point spacing after each paragraph and use a font size of 12.
•    The ‘General assessment information’ section in KapLearn contains information about word limits, citations and referencing, collusion, plagiarism and other policies, useful resources, submitting your assignment and accessing your results.
•    Answers are to be in your own words. Reference and cite all your sources (within the text of your answer) when quoting or using material from external sources. Include a reference list at the end of your assignment. Refer to the ‘Referencing and Citations Guide’ available from the Li
ary in KapLearn for further information on referencing.
•    Requests for special consideration or information pertaining to special consideration written in the body of the assignment will not be considered by the marker. Refer to the ‘Special consideration’ section of the Assessment Policy on Kaplan’s website for more information.
    Learning outcomes (LOs) mapping
    1.    Engage in research environments critically appraising the research of others.
    2.    Perform a literature review in a specific area.
    3.    Evaluate the relative strengths and weaknesses of qualitative and quantitative research methods.
    Assignment 2
    4.    Plan a qualitative or quantitative research design.
    Assignment 2
    5.    Develop, present and defend a research proposal as a possible basis for a research project.
    Assignment 2
    6.    Outline the major ethical issues involved in business research.
    Assignment 2
    7.    Report and communicate analytical findings and recommendations in a manner conducive to the profession or discipline.
    Assignment 2
    Structure and referencing
    Total marks
Literature review (100 marks)
    Instructions to students
It is essential that you go beyond your subject material to research your answers.
Your research effort will be rewarded.
Question 1        (100 marks | Word limit: 2,600 words)
Use the topic selected in Task 1 and complete a literature review.
Critically analyse a minimum of ten (10) academic papers published in national and international journals or pee
eviewed conference proceedings.
Present your analysis as a literature review on the selected topic.
The literature review must:
•    include an introduction to the topic
•    show in-depth understanding of the chosen topic
•    critically analyse the literature
•    identify gaps in the literature which students would like to further explore as part of their research proposal (Assignment 2)
•    include a conclusion.
Criteria-based Marking Guide for Question 1
The Criteria-based Marking Guide provided below is designed to assist students to understand what is expected of them in the assignment and to let them know how their performance will be judged. It provides advice about the criteria used in the marking of the assignment and the maximum marks awarded for each criteria.
    Excellent (Mark range: 75–100 marks)
    Satisfactory (Mark range: 40–74.5 marks)
    Unsatisfactory (Mark range: 0–39.5 marks)
    •    The literature review has a clear introduction which provides a
ief overview of the topic.
•    There is diversity in the journals and papers selected.
•    A thorough review and analysis of at least ten (10) papers is undertaken which demonstrates superior understanding of the chosen topic.
•    The review of literature demonstrates the findings of various research and the students’ own analysis and interpretations.
•    Key gaps in the literature are identified which the student intends to pursue further in Assignment 2.
•    The literature review is clearly structured as a coherent body of work with a sound essay and sentence structure, and no e
ors in the grammar and spelling.
•    The literature review is logical and flows from one section to another.
•    It includes a valid conclusion based upon arguments set out in the body of work.
•    The Harvard referencing style is used.
•    There is an appropriate and co
ectly formatted reference list.
•    The assignment adheres to the question’s word limit.
    •    The literature review has an introduction which provides a
ief overview of the topic.
•    There is some diversity in journals and papers selected.
•    A review and
ief analysis of at least ten (10) papers is undertaken which demonstrates an understanding of the chosen topic.
•    The review of literature demonstrates the findings of various research.
•    Gaps in the literature are identified which the student intends to pursue further in Assignment 2.
•    The literature review is well structured as a coherent body of work with a sound essay and sentence structure, with few e
ors in grammar and spelling.
•    The literature review is logical.
•    The Harvard referencing style is used with minor e
ors or inconsistencies.
•    A conclusion is provided.
•    The assignment adheres to the question’s word limit.
    •    An introduction is not provided.
•    The topic outline is poor with little or no background or context provided.
•    There is no diversity in journals and papers selected.
•    A review of less than ten (10) papers is undertaken and/or the papers are inappropriate or not relevant to the chosen topic.
•    The review of literature does not demonstrate the findings of various research.
•    No gaps in the literature are identified.
•    The literature review is not well structured with poor sentence structure and multiple e
ors in grammar and spelling.
•    The literature review is illogical and/or ve
•    Referencing is not used or the Harvard referencing style is not used.
•    A conclusion is not provided.
•    The assignment is significantly under or over the word limit.
Insert your answers to Question 1 below this line
End of answers to Question 1
End of Assignment
For office use only
    Question 1
PersonalID_KAP001_AS1_v4    2    © Kaplan Higher Education
Answered Same Day May 30, 2020


Akansha answered on Jun 04 2020
127 Votes
Running head: the literature review on e-business and its financial advantages
Many researchers have been made to explain the e-business and its related financial pros. During the past decades, many researchers have been adopted the comprehensive research on the e-business that how it helps the financial institutions and various organizations. With the advancement of the technology, businesses are adopting different technologies to meet the unexpected continuous changing demands of the consumers. Although the research will analyze the identified gap and how it could be resolved to let the different organization and institutions could take the benefits of the e-business to
ing more productivity and profitability. In this paper literature review will be conducted to examine the research gap and how the lack of awareness resists the organization to implement the e-business technology successfully. The multiple case studies will be scrutinized to analyze the challenges and benefits associated with the aim of the research. The mixed perspective and viewpoint of various authors will be analyzed to understand the e-business and its related financial pros. The study of this research will also include the ethical considerations related to the aim of the research. The conclusion will be added in the end to find the findings of the fact.
The primary aim of the research is to identify the importance of the e-business and its financial pros. Today, businesses are very curious to adopt various technologies to make the company up-to-date with the cu
ent and latest technology to meet the unexpected needs of the customer.
RQ1: Does because of the lack of the awareness people fails to adopt e-business to serve their target customers.
RQ2: How E-Business helps the different sector to minimize their cost and maximize their production and selling capacity?
The era of 21st century is well known for the rapid and continuous changes in the technology for its growth and development. E-Business is the regulation of conducting business activities with the help of the internet. It refers to the use of intranets, internet, websites, and web-based customer relationship to do the business effectively and efficiently. According to the Wade (2014), E-Business is much
oader concept than the e-commerce as it includes various ranges of business processes such as customer relationship management, electronic order processing, and supply chain management. Therefore it helps the companies to coordinate their business activities online anytime from any place. E-business helps the suppliers to improve their business efficiency and profitability. Supplier chain management is the process of the flow of the goods and services which involves storage and movement of raw materials, the stock of finished and unfinished products from the point of productions to consumption. According to the Sanders (2017), Suppliers lacks the usefulness of the e-business and how it may help them in attaining success with minimum cost and maximum production capacity. The research considers the entry-level suppliers who have less awareness and have a greater fear of the online hackers, and frauds that may
eak their capability of doing the business. According to Rao (2013), various supplier opts for the traditional
ick and mortar method rather than using new technology due to the security concern. With the introduction of the new and innovative technologies, many hackers have found ways to hack the personal database of the companies and misusing the information, or they may join us any confidential information regarding the contracts of the report. The hacker could be competitors suppliers who want to know the supplier contacts or may want to snatch the suppliers contacts. The fear of losing the game stops the suppliers to use traditional way of doing business. According to the Rao (2013), The IT sector must try to aware the suppliers about how they can secure their private and confidential information. E-business could be a useful method for the suppliers who use old and conventional approaches to supply their goods and services. With the help of the e-business, the supplier would get to know about the buying behavior of their perspective and potential customer. It will also help in saving the time when employees use for enter the data manually. To conduct the business activities, suppliers need good internet services. It not only helps in saving the time but also helps in utilizing that time for other productive purpose. With the merging of various supply chains and internet, technology has successfully
ought significant opportunities to the business which helps both supplier and the company. According to Sangwook (2014), customer relationship management tool helps the various organizations to improve their relation with the potential customer. The continuous interaction with the customer and resolving their query
ing customer loyalty and reduce frequent walkouts. It helps in following a...

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