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5. Related this casestudy with related chapter.

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5. Related this casestudy with related chapter.
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Ckreta answered on Mar 06 2020
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Solution 1
Galanz has improved over years in its performance by building a competitive edge in their technology used for production with the support of low price strategy for winning over the competition in the market. They have formulated the low pricing strategy by regular price cutting and expanding the production which has been the major factor in their success. The company has been able to make remarkable position with their strategies and tactics which has made them dominate the market for many continuous years. Their major tactics they used for escalating the capacity of production by using free transfer of line of production in which they would be producing microwaves for their French customer company Felony by which they would be using the excess quantity for their own use as per the proposal and the other tactic was optimum utilization of resources by conducting three shifts per day which was highest in comparison to their competitors. Their non-stop production helped them in increasing the capacity of production and lowering down the cost of production which made them so successful in the market.
Solution 2
Order qualifiers are those factors which work as competitive characteristics for the company to hold for being sustainable in...

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