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Performance objective In this assessment, you are required to manage the review of the currency of the organisational vision and mission, make any necessary changes, and communicate the review process...

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Performance objective
In this assessment, you are required to manage the review of the currency of the organisational vision and mission, make any necessary changes, and communicate the review process to stakeholders in order to gain their support.
Assessment description
Review the organisation’s vision and values by reviewing the case study information provided, as well as meeting with a key stakeholder in the case study organisation (role-played by your assessor). After reviewing materials, revise the vision and mission statements to reflect the current status and direction of the organisation, then communicate with the relevant stakeholders to:
● outline changes to the vision and organisational values
● describe the strategic planning process and identify where input can be provided.

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Assessment tasks
Assessment task 1:
Email to stakeholders:
· Presented a detailed review and analysis of the mission and vision statement in accordance to cu
ent approaches and practices employed by the organisation for providing espresso coffee machines, which is supported with organisation values to be adopted for achieving revised mission and vision.
1) Existing vision and mission:
Vision statement
‘MacVille aspires to position as an integral component in the success of hospitality establishments in Sydney through providing espresso coffee machines, to both large and small sector’.
Mission statement
‘To provide efficient, reliable, and sustainable espresso coffee machines meeting needs of customers and communities seeking for value added services, and, stakeholders seeking for long term profits and returns’.
2) Cu
ent approaches
The cu
ent mission and vision statement of the organisation reflects limited or confined perspective to stakeholders. Though MacVille has defined its purpose and philosophy of operating in hospitality industry, yet it seems that mission and vision statement lacks reflection of modern business values and norms. The term ‘modern’ should be understood with the fact that business world is continuously undergoing with huge transformations outlining new set values and norms (Agola & Hunter, 2016). The efficiency, reliability and sustainability are the three major themes reflected in the mission and vision statement. However, in present scenario, these three themes serve as common phenomenon applied by both large and small establishments. There is need of adding some distinct element in this mission and vision statement for providing competitive edge to the organisation. Through reading and analysing this mission and vision statement, readers never come to know differentiated services offered by MacVille. It appears quite similar to other hospitality firms which made it difficult to gain competitive edge in the industry (Hargadon, 2015).
Besides, it has also identified that profits seems another core element of mission statement, as an underlying factor determining prosperity of stakeholders, communities and success of hospitality establishments as well. It is worth mentioning that profits represent short term perspective of the organisation where stakeholders are considered as profit-seekers instead growth-seekers. In this regard, it seems necessary that profits should be secondary motive and growth and development should be primary motive as it paves path of long term success and growth (Bilimoria, 2013).
3) Revised vision and mission
Vision: ‘Committed for giving most compelling espresso coffee machines and value additive hospitality service experience to customers’.
Mission: ‘At MacVille, we work very hard for providing best espresso coffee machines, causing no environmental harm, and, inspiring and implementing innovative and safe solution’.
4) Organisational values
In accordance to the revised mission and vision statement, the organisation values required to adopt and develop by the organisation are defined below. MacVille needs to redefine the organisation values for complementing and attaining revised mission and vision statement. In the absence of organisation values, revised mission and vision statement would prove worthless, as like wandering in a forest without having a map (Boella & Goss-Turner, 2013). The new organisation values which should be included for supporting revised mission and vision statement are:
Our mission and vision values must reflect who we are and how we adhere to fulfil our customers’ needs.
a) Customer commitment: Strive for developing relationship through
inging positive difference in the way and manner of providing espresso coffee machines.
) Quality: At MacVille, We aim at delivering outstanding and unsurpassed hospitality services that, together, provides premium value to our customers (Guibault & Angelopoulos, 2011).
c) Integrity: Adhering highest standards of stewardship and adherence of moral and professional standards in daily actions and efforts.
d) Teamwork: Appointing self-directed teams dedicated for working together, across boundaries, for fulfilling needs of customers and facilitating company to win and accord success.
e) Respect for people: Valuing and respecting people, encouraging them to innovate new ideas and improve service offerings and delivery mechanism (Storey & Salaman, 2010).
f) Good citizenship: Emphasis on becoming good citizens in the society and community where organisation survives and functioning. It is done through depicting highest level commitment to environmental practices and safety standards.
g) A Will to Win: Exhibiting strong will for winning in the marketplace through finding new ways to improve the service processes (Tallman, 2016).
h) Personal accountability: Demonstrating high level personal accountability for fulfilling commitments on time. The review and evaluation process is an integral component incorporated for simplifying and improving business activities.
I) Innovation: Never resting or relying on existing operations, but strive for innovating and improving service standards through trying new ideas and themes (Thompson, Martin & Thompson, 2016).
j) Partnership: Em
acing strategic alliances and partnership venture with large and small scale players for strengthening business portfolio.
MacVille intends to strengthen business portfolio through adopting several set practices for improving efficiency and effectiveness of business process. These practices include innovation, trying new ideas and concepts, raising service standards, reviewing and evaluating processes, etc (Williams, 2013). The above defined organisation values hold potential of paving path of growth and development to the hospitality business as it enables providing comprehensive set hospitality services and offerings. In simple words, MacVille can assure its customers and stakeholders that hospitality services are not merely intended for earning profit, but for
inging difference in their lives (Dringoli, 2012).
Summary notes
As a strategic planning consultant, meeting with stakeholders is conducted for providing gaining new strategic insights for providing direction and lead to the organisation. The meeting has outlined certain areas need to be improved upon for strengthening strategic prospect of the MacVille. As per the identified needs and revised mission and vision statement, stakeholders outline that performance of MacVille is undermining due to several factors.
The pace of innovation is quite low, and, organisation really requires fostering and incorporating the element of innovation for achieving defined outcomes in enriched manner. The personnel should strive for working as self-directed team for finding scope of improvement in espresso coffee machines and delivering improved customer solutions. It would not be worthwhile for the organisation to continue on same business philosophy, as service standards should be improved for exceeding customer expectations (Drummond, Ensor & Ashford, 2013).
In all, MacVille should em
ace innovations in customer solutions i.e., espresso coffee machines for improving service standards. The newly defined vision and mission statement holds potential of transforming existing business conditions.
Assessment task 2:
As defined in above assessment, MacVille needs to transform operating philosophy through revising mission and vision statement. It is worth mentioning that newly defined mission and vision statement aims at enriching service offering prospect of MacVille.
PEST Analysis:
Political: Government is introducing new set changes through devising reformed policies and procedures. There are significant changes in regulatory frameworks through devising new set policies and rules regarding trade, tariffs on imported goods, etc. For example, government has introduced free trade policy where tariffs on imported goods, including espresso coffee machines is removed. The espresso coffee machines is a major tool at MacVille used for preparing and delivering improved coffee taste experience to customers. The free trade policy of government would make it economical for the organisation to purchase and place espresso coffee machines.
Economic: The country is demonstrating strong economic growth on account of optimum availability and utilisation of resources. Population growth rate expected to increase from 22 million in 2010 to 36 million in 2050 along with strengthening of Australian dollar (Karel, Adam & Radomir, 2013).
Social: Positivity in social demographics as growth in home consumer market, changes in lifestyle trend demanding frequently eating products and rise in affluent population group.
Technological: Strong conducive technological climate demanding energy-intensive products consuming fewer resources (Kraaijen
ink, Spender & Groen, 2010).
SWOT Analysis:
It is done in accordance to the value chain framework posing different set advantageous and threatening factors:
Strength: As per the findings of value chain, marketing & sales, operations, and service are strong factors enabling MacVille in enjoying good reputation. The marketing...

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