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Please find the attachment for these assignment.

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Please find the attachment for these assignment.
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Assessment 3: Research Proposal
Table of Contents
Introduction    1
Research Objectives    1
Problem Statement    1
Research Design    2
Data Collection Methods    3
Qualtrics Survey Explanation    4
Sample Selection    4
Ethical Considerations    4
Data Analysis Methods    5
References    6
Appendices    7
This paper discusses a research proposal on "Social Impact of Tourism on the lives of the Residents in Melbourne City Australia." The primary motive behind the discussion of the research proposal is to set the research criteria so that final research can occur with determined specifications and guidelines. This research proposal covers different aspects like problem statement, research objectives, data collection methods, survey questionnaire, sample selection, ethical considerations, and data analysis techniques. All these aspects discuss with a sole motive to support the research with necessary guidelines and research criteria.
Research Objectives
The preliminary objective of the research is to discuss the “Social Impact of Tourism on the Lives of the Residents in Melbourne City Australia.” This study performs to evaluate the positive and negative factors of tourism that influences the Melbourne society members. Apart from this, it also studies the direct and indirect influence of tourism one the residents living in the vicinity of the tourist sports in Melbourne.
Problem Statement
The study conducts with the sole motive of evaluating the social influence of tourism on the tourist areas like Melbourne Cricket Ground and Federation Square in Melbourne, Australia. It is believed that the influx of tourists in these areas have developed disrupted traffic, chaos, and created noise pollution that becomes the further reason of negative influence on social lives of people who exists between the age of 30 to 50 years. Therefore, the analysis of upcoming events like Federation Square and Australian Football League or Bi
arung Wilam River Walk gives a significant glimpse into the cu
ent situation of individuals living in these places. Therefore, the research objective will provide a considerable overview of the identified problem statement and evaluate the social positive and negative influence of tourism on the social lives of people living in the Melbourne City.
Research Design
The research will be applied in nature. It is because the researcher is directly associated to identify the answers to the determined research questions and objectives (Vaioleti, 2016). The researcher selects the applied research because it has high potential to resolve the identified problem statement. The study is sure that he or she can solve the identified problem through applied research effectively. It is because, with the help of applied research, the researcher can get the significant information about the relationship between tourism and its impact on society of nea
y areas. Apart from this, it can be said that the research tends to be descriptive in nature. It is because the study will serve as a plan and blueprint to satisfy the identified research objectives and establish control over different variations and problems (Taylor, 2015). Apart from this, the descriptive research...

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