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Please find the attachment and complete it using the previous assignment thanks.

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Please find the attachment and complete it using the previous assignment thanks.
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Akansha answered on May 22 2020
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Research Proposal
Unit Code
Professor’s Name
Problem Statement and Research Objectives    3
Research Design    3
Data Collection    3
Qualtrics Survey    4
Sampling    4
Data Analysis    5
Ethical Considerations    5
References    6
Appendix    7
Qualtrics Survey    7
Problem Statement and Research Objectives
The study identifies the scope of Tourism Australia to generate approximately 40,000 new jobs in immediate future. The study would try to project the perspective of students and career aspirants regarding career in this sector as it is considered to generate low pay, unskilled jobs and non-conducive working conditions (Ruhanen, Whitford and McLennan, 2015). The study hence, focuses on the components related to the jobs in tourism sector which can be improved in order to create jobs, create positive perceptions and
ing sustainability to the sector. The research objectives can be:
· To understand the scope of job creation in tourism sector of Australia.
· To examine the perception of job aspirants towards opportunities in this sector.
· To
ing out suggestions for improvement in the sector.
Hence, this study tries to focus on the scope of job creation as well as retention of workforce as a long term strategy to develop the sector.
Research Design
This study is an applied research due to its ultimate purpose of identifying the factors affecting perceptions of job aspirants and people about the tourism sector of Australia. Applied research is the one which is conducted to find out solution for some problem or research objectives (Kapoor, 2016). Whereas pure research is done by an individual just to investigate for personal drive or knowledge and does not have to answer some research questions in the end. It is not based on predefined study objectives. This study is a descriptive research as it tends to describe the relationships between the variables and perception of people about the job market of tourism sector Australia. As on the other hand, exploratory research is the one which focuses on identifying new theories and practices and does not focus on collecting information from various resources like descriptive study. Exploratory studies help in taking decisions related to business, marketing etc. due to its nature of research (Yalçin, 2015). Whereas, descriptive study is focused on large number of units to collect information and describe the views and opinions of population and the reasons for their response. Further, a research method can be quantitative or qualitative by approach. This study is a quantitative research as it includes a large number of participants and the data collected will be represented in numerical format to be analyzed and conclusions drawn thereof. It emphasized accuracy and reliability in data collection. As opposed to this, qualitative data is different from this. It includes subjective information from various sources such as participants, object of study, observation etc. (Waring, 2017)
Data Collection
Most important part of a research is data collection which focuses on getting the information from the participants or objects identified as sample for the study from the population of research. It is done in a structured and systematic manner to get reliable data. For data collection, a researcher can either use primary source or secondary source. For this study, the researcher will be using primary source of data i.e. the cu
ent employees of tourism sector of Australia to get the information about factors of job market in the relevant sector. This source will be explored by the researcher for the very first time; hence, it tends to be...

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